IS THERE ANY OIL? Media won’t show 1 picture of Mississippi oil on beaches! 1/2

AntimatterRadio asked:

YOU MUST BELIEVE IN THE INVISIBLIE OIL! Now this is one VERY FUNNY video! Brought to you by Antimatter Radio .com, who is on the forefront of reporting this fake "oil spill". What you have in this video is all sorts of totally contradictory reports of oil hitting MS beaches, but NOT A SINGLE PICTURE IS SHOWN! And people call me the conspiracy theorist for not believing in the invisible oil?


  1. philos4r

    keep it up lol i had it just as bad when that nibiru pooh was brinìng insinuations that i was a mason shill or illuminat guv disinfmo nasa employèe the death threAts the lot all becàuse i didnt believe the majority who believed that nibiru was real. Our overlords whant us to be fearfull, have you nòticed to.

  2. randompandora

    you must feel like a massive douche now that A) its admittedly a huge fissure gushing oil (not hot mud), B) our 1st amendment right is stripped away just to prevent the the pictures you claim no one has from being taken.

  3. tacoallen16

    you are so stupid, come to the gulf you idiot and see it with your eyes, you prob work for bp

  4. gmfutube

    You are astoundingly stupid.

    I can’t believe this shit gets 800 vies and videos of the actual oil only get 200.

  5. gabrielaSH

    what do you make of this video … lots of numbers there!

  6. Catherinea36

    i challenge people to post pictures of oiled wildlife betcha cant find any except the same 3 that have been circulating since the beginning…another strange phenomenon

  7. troyr322

    do you know what crude looks like in oil? does your knowledge of crude being red or brown come from your years of experience in the oil industry? Well let me tell you, i live here in the middle of the shit and its real you jackass. If you want to see oil carry your dumb ass down here, put on a tyvek suit and help clean up instead of wasting your time on conspiracy theories because YOU dont see any pictures. Come see for yourself ASSHAT

  8. ancestralblue

    @BrainChild666 The purpose of the dispersants is more than likely the same purpose of chemtrails and, son of a gun!…Looks like it’s done by the same people!
    Keep in mind that the people behind all the false flag events would like to reduce the world population by 95% and “reclaim” all of the land to their total control.
    Can there be dead marine life? Remember… to them the ends justify the means.

  9. ancestralblue

    Looking at the picture of that woman ( mayor?), one has to keep in mind that those that achieve political position find those positions dependent on acquiescing to the agenda. That being Agenda 21 and mass manipulation of the public to justify all that the proponents of the plan will do.
    Would they lie? Oh yeah…consistently. And they just keep on doing it.
    What’s truly amazing is just how many people will just open up and swallow when evidence suggests otherwise.

  10. controlfreakssuckass

    its a staged FAKE OIL SPILL… they want to MAKE CHAOS with a mass evacuation for many reasons… to fill the fema camps… to cull the population… to take the land away from the people… THIS IS WAR!!! WAKE UP!!!

  11. EvilUSAandthe911Lie

    They could have laid down a 5 mile strip of orange crap to fool her. If so, that’s why it would be only 10-15 feet wide.

    Or, maybe she’s lying too.

    Either way, there’s no real oil!!!

  12. BrainChild666

    @AntimatterRadio Just being skeptical. I agree with you on how tightly controlled the media is and there should be lots of photos and videos of the oily beaches. I wanted to search for some photos before I commentted on your vid. so far I found this video watch?v=sMelBHQJy9Q not much oil but the guy filming it seems genuine. Enjoyed listening to you on Deagles show. I will keep looking for photos. I use over 20 search engines and so far nothing.

  13. AntimatterRadio

    @BrainChild666 nice how you jsut avoid all evidence in this vid to give me this point. Don’t know if it’s mud, never said that. But past underwater volcanoes look just like the red streaking Gulf, as I have shown in past vids, that I have known you’ve seen because you commented on them, so are you just trying to forget those conversations?:

  14. BrainChild666

    I dont think that mudd floats? What would be the purpose of the dispersents if its just mudd? I want to see the gulf sea floor, I think it is littered with dead marine life just an opinion.

  15. nameofthepen

    So true. I’m laughing with you, but also squirming with embarrassment and dismay that the rest of my species is so damn STUPID that they can be panicked by these constant LIES from the gubmint. Remember the “swine flu”? Pics of a few random Mexicans in surgical masks were all it took to make it “real” to the sheeple.
    Pics may start showing up finally. But…I want to see PROOF of where and when they are taken. Otherwise, I’ll consider them as being from archives somewhere.

  16. Yaheuben66

    I see oil on every picture I search on… oh, wait– my monitor is dirty.

    The lack of photographic and (credible) video evidence is one of those things we will look back on and say, “Well, of course people were stupid for believing it– there was no evidence”

    Like 9-11– someday

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