Interview with ex-freemason and illuminati:Leo Zagami. Vol1

negativewarmachine asked:

Leo Zagami, former member of various secret societies reveals their secrets and warns of the upcoming New World Order (first part)


  1. rexmcnish


    Again, what are your sources? You are only basing this off your expectations. So, members of the illuminati need to be enlightened?

    Looks like a wimp and talks like a wimp… yeah, those aren’t really observations that are correctly made because they mean nothing. I’ve seen plenty of bad-ass people who don’t look or sound it.

  2. ralax3

    @rexmcnish Listen to what you are saying. Usually it doesn’t matter how you look, you can be a different person,yes. But when it comes to a Illuminati, everything matters. The fact that this guy is not “saying” anything to me, looks like a wimp, talks like a wimp, it’s very obvious to me that he doesn’t emit any source of inner power or enlightnment, so he can’t actually have a power that big. Look at the politicians that rule the world: they are, look, powerful, cool, in control. This guy is…

  3. rexmcnish


    How someone looks and talks is not reflective on whether they are a ‘wimp’ or not. Your argument is incredibly weak.


    People always talk about “disclosure” mostly in reference to the UFO subject. However when people from these secret societies do come forward and disclose PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE THEM. If I were in a society like this “even thought I dont agree with them at all” I would not say shit. IF YOU PEOPLE ARE TOO DUMB TO SEE THE TRUTH YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU HAVE COMING TO YOU.

  5. FacesoftheIlluminati

    Who could possibly believe this? I actually show the faces of the people who make up the NWO.

  6. narukofan2

    The Illuminati are a bunch of child molesting psychopathic mass murderers who need to be jailed and then hung for their evils against all life itself.

  7. ralax3

    @TheGodtech Because he looks and talks like a wimp. You can easily tell if he actually is what he declares And second of all, I don’t think that a former illuminati or mason would have the courage to appear on Youtube, making statements about his secrets. I think that there is a global control from some secret rulers, but it does not include this one.

  8. barkerbiz

    without the illuminati. There would be chaos. Why would they destroy us sheep that help to keep them in splendour. Yes we are slaves.But very well off as slaves go. You sheeple need to be herded.They give us lovely things to enslave us with. And all people do is slag them off. I dont believe in a fair society. That a load of cobblers. Some of you would still be a load of winging lazy gits. Illuminati, if you can hear me. Thanks for all the cool gadgets I got on credit. keep up the good work.

  9. 1548207

    I can’t understand a word please speak slower you sound like a fucked up nigger who never went to school.

  10. MaffyMoose

    armageddonconspiracy(dot)co(do t)uk

    seriously people, your all looking in the wrong direction about the term “nwo” or “illuminati”

    its the OWO you gotta be concerned with. Why do they have so much power?

    Because we let them. Plain and simple.

    And BTW, this guy is a “fake”. a real bad one too.

  11. Yodovannn

    @Lcfcluigi look at you sissy crying about me making fun of italian ex-mason cunt. What’s your problem u dickhead cunt. I bet u’r some british shit with no future but gay british accent.

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