Insider: Obama To Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds in 2013

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In the last hour of today's worldwide broadcast, Alex talks with Doug Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network about information released by his high-level DHS contact concerning government gun confiscation and other important topics. [Check Out Ultimate Tangy Tangerine] (Liquid Bottle)


  1. BobPDXz

    They are building 12,000 drones in Hood River Oregon that will be distributed among County Sheriffs across the U.S.A. Soon.

  2. BobPDXz

    They will make it illegal to not register the guns you have now. Jail time and huge fines for not doing so which will make you an instant criminal.

    Then, more horrific shootings. Then specific confiscations of guns for people who they deem to be Patriots or ex military or boy scouts, basically you.

    Soon, you will become a criminal and you did nothing wrong except own a gun that would never be used for anything except for self defense. It is self defense from them they want stopped.

  3. MrHos84

    How can you stop paying taxes? It comes out of your paycheck without anything you can do about it.

  4. hardhitter0421

    Excellent come back.
    Dealing the the changes in time in a technological age, they may take our guns but IED’s, Boobie Traps, Vietnamese Tactics, Foreign Government assistance, Rich people who have already designed new civilian hi-tech defense weapons systems etc. may have the whole idea obsolete of gun dis-armament with a Government the needs to carpet bomb us to win this game. The ideas people are engaged in to defend themselves from foreign troops, it’s hell with undetectable surprises.

  5. John Burt

    “The general welfare clause does NOT give government permission to do anything it pleases,”

    Nobody ever said it did. But it has been interpreted in the past to include a great many things not individually enumerated.

    James Madison agrees with you that the power should be interpreted narrowly. Alexander Hamilton agrees with me that the phrase “general welfare” is very broad and so should be read broadly.

    Meanwhile, “Obamacare” continues to improve the health of the populace.

  6. nopackdrill

    and remove the savage Negro and that figure drops ten fold probably, most crime is Negro-on-White and Negro-on-Negro, the Latinos are also far more violent than the White Europeans (but less violent than the Negroes) who founded America and peopled it before the Cultural Marxists wrested control over the machinery of power and flooded it w/ the dark peoples

  7. john doe

    I agree wholeheartedly, just providing an extra bit of insight for people reading this. It’s a useful tool for anyone to keep in mind.

    But to add to your point (and using your second example) – It’s the passage of time you cannot account for.

    When you make your plans, you’re basing it off the past. Circumstances can change in that time… You might know what to look for, but it’s the punch you don’t see coming. The submission they’ve never used before. ;]

  8. john doe

    You do get massacres… with firearms… Also the biggest bank heist in history… carried out with firearms.

    So yes, it is so.

    Firearms are another tool. A means for good or evil. An alternative to living in the primal world where a 120 lb woman has no power against a 220 lb man. The individual to protect themselves from the mob; From 3 thugs who want to abduct people, violently invade homes, rape, etc.

    A gun is a tool. It is not evil. No more evil than fire.

  9. 56camerashybry

    The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S. This is under u.k. news 2009 look it up for your self,

  10. Fondrom

    Oh really is that so? tell me more about how we get Massacre’s and countless bank heist’s in the UK. [god forbid more of it happens in the US]

  11. booboobear1701

    Wrong. The general welfare clause does NOT give government permission to do anything it pleases, as is quite evident to anyone who understands the Constitution and it’s severe limits to federal power. Do you know nothing of “delegated powers” and the 9th and 10th Amendments? Obamacare is certainly unconstitutional, and that idiot Roberts merely said that it’s “tax” was Constitutional. Ugh. Learn to think for yourself.

  12. hardhitter0421

    If you have ever gone out on a date and no-one showed? it doesn’t matter what your plans where…
    ever go into a professional fight and study your opponent for weeks or longer and get knocked out? it didn’t matter what your plans where…
    Ever hear of Murphy’s Law…if something can go wrong it will and at the worst possible moment…
    throw this on the table, plans are with counter plans, we are not sheep we are critical thinkers with creativity and getting more creative towards this.

  13. hardhitter0421

    Think America…prepare for war…wake up…
    it has been incubating a long time…
    Elie they blew it in the 90’s and this turn it full throttle…serious.

  14. hardhitter0421

    Yup…we will be carpet bombed by the millions.
    These bastards want everything…
    “Tonight we dine in Hell” < 300 movie quote, now I understand real galore. It is our last supper coming soon...I'm game. Work out, stay in shape, have exit plans, create UN-detectable defenses, gather communities, stock up a bit on medical supplies and simple foods. Get ready to out smart the barbarians...the element of surprise is deadly, so have watch men posted with neighborhood signals to alert of invasion.

  15. hardhitter0421

    By now some people may have boobie trapped their properties with explosives, laser detection devices, liquid bio chemicals to douse enemies, air delivered toxins, point is: by now and after all the news of dis-arming …I am positive the new threat to the Foreign troops here to dis-arm us have been told gun grabbing or death is all they’ll be doing…Americans are smart and fight nasty…I assure you, the gun issue has only lead to new undetectable weapons, Elite fools with no common sense.

  16. john doe

    1:00 “What their plans are, and what their contingency plans are. They’ve got a plan A, B, C, and D. One of my sources calls that a no-single-point-failure.”

    This is called keeping P.A.C.E. in risk containment.
    Primary Plan, Alternative Plan, Contingency Plan, Emergency Plan.

  17. WALTIP wally

    It becomes more and more difficult to find independent news like this , “Not hard to figure out why you cannot get the true independent views or the other side of the story .
    They have it controlled . Keep the videos coming !

  18. hardhitter0421

    Little kids you speak of could have been easily killed by a dozen methods that would have been just as effective in a multitude of places or ways. Any evil person can set up a mass death…disarming of guns is in no way stopping another type of class room killing if someone wants to get the job done. Realize, no matter who did the killing and no matter how, it is beyond the issue of a gun. You contribute to kill us a bit every day just by driving your car, give it some thought…seriously.

  19. hardhitter0421

    You Government employee?
    Grandchildren follow the lead of their Grandparents don’t they? didn’t you?…seems you are simply wrong in projection how our grandchildren will thank anyone…seems you have poor leadership in your family tree…now get lost….defending you was your grandfathers mistake when he thought you would be thankful he did that. He is probably rolling in his grave, cause if he was alive he’d smack you in the head!

  20. hardhitter0421

    Absolutely, guns are given to military personnel…once to defend us against foreign invaders etc. Now, to be used against us…thinking no. The guys coming to kill us are as brainwashed about why they want us dead as we are about why we want Biden Laden dead. It is a mind game and we are to smart to fall for the idiots that are launching this attack on us. These old bustards are 20 years to late and they forgot something, to fight for their deaths our fathers and grandfathers for us.

  21. hardhitter0421

    That young boy could not have fired that weapon untrained 20 times accurately and the damage to surrounding furniture and walls etc would have been evident. The sound would have his ears ringing for a week, the recoil would have banged his body up, the misfires, the mussel flash would have scared him to death. I shoot guns and believe me at near instructor level. It took many many rounds and much practice to get to that accuracy with a hand gun. You have been brainwashed to believing a lie.

  22. hardhitter0421

    Just hire the Mexican Mafia and clip this problem at the knees.
    Anyone got extra money?

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