Illuminati Training Video Leaked

TRUTHS2012 asked:

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  1. TheAlienContactee


    I new video has just been released called ILLUMINATI 2013!!! This is a very important video for it does a recap of all the Illuminati activity in 2012 and then it talks about what the Illuminati has in store for us in 2013!!! 2013 is gunna be scary times…. To view this video i have it uploaded on my channel.. ILLUMINATI 2013… GIve yourself a break and see what you can do to fight back!

    Best Wishes
    Alien Contactee Linol Anderson

  2. mykthafsh71

    Remember Dubya? “If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists.” These assholes, no more than two hundred worldwide, have seized control of virtually the entire world. And there’s only one thing that scares them: loss of control. In fact, it TERRIFIES them. See where I’m going with this? Yeah, you’re not as dumb as they hope you are. Two hundred of them. Six and a half billion of us. We got this.

  3. mykthafsh71

    Ha ha, trolling the Illuminati. Gotta love it. It’s all true, boys and girls. Believe it or else!

  4. Kare Bear

    Possibly… But, I’m sure if this is true, then it wouldn’t just span the U.S., it would span the entire world…

  5. sorar4

    illuminati are disgusting. Our masters are disgusting. they are vile. they are the ones that deserve to die. They deserve to be in debt. They deserve to suffer. they deserve it, not us.
    They didn’t do anything to deserve being rich . please, illuminati, if you decide to take over the world, kill everybody. please, just kill everybody, quick. just end the earth, finish the earth. Death is so much more comfortable than life, my dear masters.

  6. Jacob Mercurio

    What’s happening to Isreal, and Gaza right now is only more propaganda to come. WW2 happened because nations of the world allied forces, and when shit hit the fan with 2 countrys all countrys in the pact have to join the war too. That’s how ww3 will happen, and it’s sad to think that we as a country never learned from mistakes made in our own history. I’m gonna say it if nobody else does, most of you are probly american, and upset with the government just like me… we just never say it.

  7. Jacob Mercurio

    I just believe that our governments are very excellent at stirring up propaganda. To set up false flag operations to get nations angry at eachother enough to the point where they feel like it’s time to go to war. What’s strange is that even when most citizens of a country say that they do not want war… they get war anyway because the fatcats control the real decisions. We elect people to solve our problems here in america it’s such bs that we feel we need select few to solve our issues?!

  8. Jacob Mercurio

    I know all about the Gnomes of zurich, and the discordian society, but I can not reference this as zionism, it’s too touchy of a subject. The Jewish people went through persecution since the dawn of time, we as humans need to let that go and just see that the world isn’t all peaches, and cream. Everywhere you go there will be violence, and it’s only because we live in a world in which we are brainwashed to believe that war, and violence is necessary. It’s time for a new vision.

  9. Chuck Norris

    .It’s a line of division between those who believe in the equality of all and those who believe in the supremacy of some.

  10. Chuck Norris

    And they want to live in dignity! How long do we really expect the Palestinians people to live in humiliation, to daily be degraded and subjugated? Pointing these injustices out does not make you anti-Semitic.Israel today is every bit the supremacist state that Theodor Herzl intended it to be. It is a terrorist state, it is a pirate state and it is a Pariah state in the eyes of most humanity

  11. Chuck Norris

    Let me ask you something, was there ever a point where people said to those resisting apartheid that they were for some type of hatred for European people? Do we believe that those who oppose the invasion and the occupation of Iraq that illegal invasion out of a hatred for American or British people? No! People oppose imperialism because they refuse to live in humiliation!

  12. Chuck Norris

    No my brother, I pose the question in reference to its domination. I fully support my use of the word terrorist against Israel and its Zionist lobby. Zionism isn’t about self determination. Zionism is about colonialism, imperialism and ethnic cleansing. Never let the lie to you. Never let people make you feel ashamed for being a an ANTI-Zionist or for opposing Zionism.

  13. happyh855

    State but you’re far too busy listening to gangnam style. What people call REAL HIPHOP today. Just another plot to dumb the brains of the youth. Why don’t you READ instead? As it is a well known fact that intelligent people will take their freedom! Or even listen to R.I.P Revolution In Progress – Globalfaction. Or listen to artists like Lowkey, Akala, Logic!

  14. Jacob Mercurio

    I don’t think any nation is a true terrorist, I believe there is a shadow government pulling strings in other Country’s. Even here in america how is it constitutional to let the fed reserve print our money? Don’t ever feel like you are wasting your time brother you must speak your mind about these things even if people will lash out, and call u a nutjob don’t let them take away your right to speak your opinion. I fear none of it, but i see more progress in speaking about it than being silent.

  15. happyh855

    I find it so, so unbelievably sad the example of mass mind control not only in this video and comments but in all forms of media. But why waste my time? Seeing as they have already taken over your elusive brains. Don’t be a fool, don’t fear all these forms of sinister death threats while you’re in a far greater battle for your mind. I sit here and try to explain the pure savagery and systemic injustice against against all humanity and I can sit here and explain to you why Israel is a terrorist..

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