Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length]

GeekTechMac1 asked:

The Music Industry is fucked up! This is the most real video you will see on how evil that shit is! The ILLUMINATI killed Michael Jackson, Tupac, and have their sights set on DMX, and Eminem! The evil that is put into the artist's lyrics are disgusting and Youtube: This video is presented under the fair use provision for educational purposes only and does not infringe on any copyrights. Made by: Farhan, Adnan, Faraaz, and Jabbran.


  1. GeekTechMac1

    Athiests I believe come in two types… devil worshippers, and useful idiots. Illuminati use the idiots more because they are easily manipulated and controlled.

  2. theojabroni

    It’s admirable. I do think people are responsible for their own actions. You have to be religious in order to be convinced that somethings going on so I guess if you’re not religious you’re on the side of the devil. What about atheists? Are they part of Illuminati? The Music industry much like the Movie industry is all about money and if you don’t play the game, you won’t get anywhere. So shake a few hands, smile more and create something people like and you’ll be fine. Trust your decisions.

  3. Steven Belenchia

    i dont care if they deleat this. because we are the people and we want to see this. i will re-upload this every time it is taken down. if my account is deleted. then i shall start a new one and re-upload it again. they cant kill an idea……

  4. SoothingSound

    Im not a conspiracy theory guy and I started to watch this video, expecting a lot of rubbish but a lot of this stuff does make sense. I mean I don’t really follow the stuff about devils that you can’t see or hear but I find it very possible that popular artists are being used to spread violence, fashion and some other things to make money off of. The MJ death and the Eminem lyrics make a lot of sense.

  5. Ronell Evans

    ………………….damn……………life fucked up man, but we are on earth to test our loyalty to GOD,he wants to see if you will follow materials that this world controls(SATAN) and stop woshipping him the ‘CREATOR’ of ‘YOU’…..there’s only 1 GOD(creator)…….i’m out. RonellEvans

  6. easyE0287

    jay-z in 99 problems films himself getting shot at and dying….lets see if actually happens if jay-z turns anti establishment

  7. kldskjltiojhgklsdgjl

    Never seen a video more stupid than this.

    Rain Man is someone who likes to make it rain (throw money on strippers in the clubs). Usually carries a lot of money in his hand, ready to throw.

    Strippers don’t need to worship Satan. Rain man is enough.

  8. GeekTechMac1

    I use Chrome browser and the extension I use is “YouTube Downloader” download this ext. and then go to my video and you will see a “download” selection under the video box.

  9. Chippydip

    theyre going to block this bro. please tell me how to download this. ill pass this on to the best of my ability bro. ill sit outside with a tv and a dvd player plugged in

  10. Chippydip

    i got you bro. i’ll help you keep the message strong. fuck the establishment

  11. clsacose

    I am not saying that what these guys expose is not truth, it IS TRUTH, they ARE exposing real true corruption. This New Age “peace and love” they preach, NOT that I am against Peace and Love, but the Peace and Love that Jesus talked about is WAY different than what these “peace and love” movements talk about. I ain’t talking religion , cause Jesus hated religion, but He is coming back with a sword . The false teacher is gonna be talking about “peace”, so BE LEERY of all this “peace” talk.

  12. clsacose

    They (the Illuminati) are exposing themselves through these “movements”-StoptheRobbery and EndAlldisease sites etc., watch Thrive, that documentary same crap, exposes known Illuminati families via Federal Reserve, all the the hopes for overthrowing them with “peace” and working together etc., ALL that crap is occult too. These “peace and love” movements or “save the planet” movements are just New Age junk, pretty much leading people to the SAME place that the Illuminati is leading them. WAKE UP

  13. GeekTechMac1

    Its cool I will reupload… EVERYONE watching, please download this video and reupload on your channels to get the word out!

  14. odogdajam1

    Not surprising… it was only a matter of time. Once this one cracks a couple more views it’ll be blocked to!

  15. theskullkid72

    i don’t even listen to mainstream garbage like lil’ wayne. i know it’s obviously government created bullshit to keep the masses stupid and ignorant

  16. gleative

    Not sure what to belive if illuminati is real or not but if it is this is some fucked up shit

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