Illuminati Ritual- Let the Games Begin

feardia asked:

As the Olympics start in Beijing, Russia and Georgia go to war over South Ossetia. Watch as events speed up, stay out of the FEMA camps, One love


  1. MetallicThor

    Then why does my dog say ‘satan’ whenever I wake up? Huh?! YOU CALLING ME CRAZY?
    Just kidding :P

  2. michaelcccc

    for about 15 years now i have been scared and felt weird about the number 8:08 . everytime i know it was coming up on clock i’d look away till it passed. this is been 15 years now. when i saw the olympics were set to start at 08/08/2008 at exactly 8:08pm :08 seconds i thought it was scary and weird. and then the georgia invasion began. i’m georgian by the way. is all this stuff coinsidence?

  3. serdja

    media shows just half of massacres there is going on. Russians bombed living houses and burnt people alive. Right now-after medvedev declared they stopped war- russian troops are capturing civilians in the region-both men, women, shutting them unconditionally and carrying corps to the concentration camps. Hey people, do not you see everyone wants the war to go on? today Georgia, who will be the next? maybe you?

  4. slider39rus

    Russia the rights!
    In death 2000 people the president of Georgia is guilty. It has allowed the order to shoot on civilians. There was it 08.08.2008 Then armies of Russia have been entered. Do not trust mass-media. There is a total information war. Do not do hasty conclusions. Russia not such “wolf” as shows it to mass-media. To you show shots with headings “Russia attacks Georgia” actually these are shots where Georgia attacks Ossetia. Then the Russian armies have been entered.

  5. serjio77777

    here is opinion of american ppl there…..
    Presidet of Georgia married on american person, he study in U.S. all this planned by U.S. if you dont belive me, its ur right, then just watch this movie.. u will understand everything
    just put in search bar
    Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 3 of 5)
    watch all parts.
    wake up Neo. U.S. involving Russia into this conflict.

  6. random0815

    lol do you mean the two shiny things? looks rather like rockets fired or something (would be pretty hard to time ^^)


    Unbelievable, goggle earth (Georgia)

    42 36’30.80″ N 44 35’29.21″ E

    elev: 6137 ft

    If you look closely at the buildings “Sioni” (Georgia) you we see a New York Sky line (WTC) etched in the sides of buildings!


  8. random0815

    umm? i mean georgia becoming an american conflict-proxy for russia like israel was for the arabic world and bolivia for south america

  9. feardia

    stop at the lights, this is oppos-same, the bad guys fight the bad guys, the innocent die,
    one love

  10. random0815

    holy shit, now thats some theory, 080808 – if that hasnt some symbolic potential, my thought was that georgia might be supposed to become a new “israel”-like war proxy..

  11. serjio77777

    its all bussines of US. u will see them shown soon.
    watch this movie.u will understand everything
    put in search bar
    Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 3 of 5) after u watch federal reserve try this
    Zeitgeist – The Movie: World Trade Center (Part 1 of 4)
    and so on!!! watch it full…
    wake up neo … Us involving Russia into this conflict
    you will be happy to wake up!Dont u understand President of Georgia married on american person. He study in US.This operation planned by US

  12. sizzle2

    I’ll tell you the secret of the universe. If your looking at the world as if there is no Christ your blind to everything. If your in the Illuminating Grace of Christ and you view everything looking out from the cross you’ll see everything.

  13. sizzle2

    If the Illuminati were our only problem we’d be doing pretty well for ourselves. The Illuminati were orignally Jesuits who split off and took over a large section of freemasonry. They do want a one world government but in their plan it’s not a diabolical one. Where the illuminating Grace of Christ is there is the Illuminati. source original Catholic encylopedia pre-vatican II.

    it’s not the jewish false Christ kingdom they originally planned but thet’s your enemy.

  14. sjvietboy408

    Seriously, Americans we need to get organized and we need a real revolution movement, we must take out these illmunati that has hijacked the American government before they destroy America and the entire world. Didn’t you hear push warned us of a second attack similar to 9-11? These traitor neocon and the illuminati global elitists are planning to create tensions between nations to make a world war 3 real. It’s their time to make massive sacrifice for their stupid lame god.

  15. Ggurl777

    I wasn’t shocked that something happened on

    it’s been what evenryones talking about…

  16. xXxDivineLightxXx

    WE need to unite under the EDF Banner, Help EarthLastHope build the EDF hes a great man I think a prophet to be honest. Look at how fast he works, how powerful his words are. Hes not doing this for his health already the Fed’s are trying to lock him up for his ideas and work, dont believe me, ask him…

    This man is unlike any other I have talked to on here and I will fight to the death for his dream and to free our world. If I can do this so can you!

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