Illuminati Future Plans: Depopulation, RFID Chips,

IlluminatiShutdown asked:

Discussing Illuminati's Plans for Depopulation, RFID Chip, also how Satan works as well as pairing bible history to evolution to see accuracy.


  1. aldeir16

    There is resources for everyone. The problem is whether people want to distribution those resources

  2. willieb8858

    Its not that there is to many people but resources to feed ,house and care for people!!!!

  3. Nicholai Senchuk

    idk but wouldnt the world run out of fresh water with all these billions of people?

  4. Daniel Van Koughnett

    Dr Kent Hovind, His Doctoral thesis was hand scrawled on a wrinkled sheet of paper, and without any peer review, or even a spell check, was accepted by unaccredited Patriot “University” (a diploma mill operated out of the basement of a single family residence) for his “Phd”, in Christian Education, after several months, not years, of study.

    Hovind is only qualified to wash dishes, which he did a lot of during his years in prison for tax fraud.

    And this is your expert? BWAHAHAHAHA

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