Illuminati a myth ? Volume 1 and 2

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  1. brandex62

    yes that is spot on my friend … we are all slaves … money slaves’ and who the hell are they to tell us what to do and when with our own lives…

  2. brandex62

    yes your right” but i am white and i would like to see all those people” well i don’t even think we should call them people .. die horrible slow and very painful deaths …. i hate everything they do and stand for.

  3. malton0

    hey dont talk about me like that
    im just a fn laborer
    and mayby we should get slaves again u keep talking like that jk

  4. striker3231

    white people are the enemy of the human race, always were- ask native americans, ask Africans, ask anybody. This illuminati, satan worshipping people who created AIDS, world wars 1, 2 and soon to be 3, who are going to microchip everybody, who stole all the world’s riches from other nations, killing people with manmade earthquakes, hurricanes(HAARP), promoting homosexuality/gay marriage, promoting satanism——what race are these people?

  5. brandex62

    the illuminati is very real’ people need to wake up’ they want complete control of all country’s and all people … think about how the E.U can play a big part in it to ????? and bin laden was created and the terrorist out fit by the c.i.a ??? to fit in to there plan ..

  6. striker3231

    one thing i notice about this illuminati/satan worshippers who are destroying the world and it’s people is they are WHITE l– people have been saying for many years that white people are the devil/children of surprise

  7. canucklheaded

    these wars are not race driven they are money driven and and we are all a bunch of slaves, its time to give that shit up, fuck the governments and the banks. slaves used to have chains, now they have credit cards, microchips, and debt while bankers make money from something that everyone has the right to, the right to life, these people would have you believe that they have the right to charge interest on your life, that makes people slaves and them criminals

  8. informationwarfare

    The Virus Of Freedom is a documentary designed to create world peace and destroy government corruption.

    Check it out on my channel for free! Share it to change the world.

  9. burn413

    Documentary and truth lovers in this world of lies! check out my web site
    excuse website spelling wont allow actual website so improvised ;}
    this project is 100% non profit

  10. carlos4719

    with all respect, it’s the Jews and they control Rome Jesuits Masons and whatever country president banks gold etc… its very simple that we could not believe

  11. Flashbangb4

    It’s not just Jews, The Jesuits control the Jews. The Jews or so called Jews, are just a more visible part of the conspiracy. They want you to blame the “Jews” only. It goes deeper than that though. “Jews” don’t do anything without the permission of Rome. It’s been this way for thousands of years.

  12. PistolPeteIRL1

    a lot of games are filled with illuminati symbols, playstation home is also full of them, i found black ops 1 to be blatantly obvious, black ops 2 the bus driver in tranzit makes a lot of references, the power station is called bohemia grove check that out & its all an actual place called green run, yu should check out about the bunker in green run

  13. Justin Langford

    I’m not very happy wasting a good part of dongle credit downloading this 4 hour load of crap and also i don’t like out of rhythm music box music over talking. I seriously couldn’t watch this properly cuz it’s that crap.

  14. ibelieveinsumthin

    yes I have watched the whole thing I watched 2 hours yesterday then 2 hours today and it’s very interesting the best bit is the blatant cover up at 14:47

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