1. ObiWanShinobi1

    Actually, Canada has closed the door on Mexican immigrants – especially the illegal variety.

  2. mrmuffer69

    Great Video telling the truth. The only problem is, is that it is not just George Bushs’ fault but Bill Clinton and every president since JFK. Clinton pushed for NAFTA and GATT and GW expanded them. It’s time for a REVOLUTION, so get out and VOTE the bastards out of office. And today 7-28-2010 some CUNT judge struck down AZ new immigration law.

  3. zezuto116

    fuck u piece of shit,,,go tell that to the familys of 9-11 and london bombings,,,,the empire is eating ur soul but u so full of propaganda u cant see shit ,,,death to you and to ur seed motherfucker,,satan whore.i will fucking open u like a pig….u nazi scum ..

  4. DemonosZXZ

    we need to deal with corporations first tell them to give all the jobs they gave to india and other countries, oh but under your fucking moronic advice we can all get into lawnscaping HOOORAY, GET THE FUCK OUT OF POLITICS if your going to keep this shit up buddy.

  5. pezzolla12

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  6. taotaocnmi


    Thank you for your comment what is sad is you tend to worry about the word “alien” and americans being alien in other countries and then at the bottom you call them “middle class educated”, get real now. Americans who decide to go to other countries and become alien themselves, is there choice no one forced them, we are refering to “into america”.

  7. agfigueroaa

    It is pity to read the word “alien” referring to other people. There are plenty of americans in other countries. Some of them also illegal. Would u refer to them as “alien”?

    I say this, because, unfortunately, america middle-class is low-educated. I guess as the maker of this video.

  8. prideofcnmi

    It would be more better to adapt the Australian Immigration law. If you don’t like the way our government runs, we’ll kindly show you where the airport is. If your illegal, than have some respect and leave volunteerly. Don’t be stupid and pretend that you don’t understand the laws.

  9. AgentFearKiller

    This is a wake up call to all Americans to start getting involved with their country’s socio-economic policies. Find out, join civic groups, protest, write letters! Illegal immigration is killing us and it will continue like a virus if Americans don’t get thier act together!

  10. Naujeco

    Has any body read the essay Equality and Individualism (1840) by Alexis De Tocqueville. Well the elitist are running the show because no one wants an education. People do not know whats going on in the government because they are too concerned with their own selfish needs. A good education, not fear (like this video promotes)is the solution; I think.

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