ICN 5/2/10 Immigration Protests, Tea Party, New World Order ?

InformedCitizenNews asked:

ICN Informed Citizen News broadcast Sunday May 2nd, 2010. The news you should have heard, but didn't. This week's stories... #1 Violent Immigration Protest in Arizona: Media Blackout breakthematrix.com www.washingtontimes.com #2 Omaha man stops armed robbery www.kptm.com #3 European Central Bank leader delivers a speech at CFR calls for "global governance" www.youtube.com Famous new world order quotes www.youtube.com #4 Vote-Tracker charts votes in congress www.votetrackers.com #5 Hidden toll of US wars: 18 veterans commit suicide daily www.armytimes.com #6 Bill Clinton Sees 'More Immigrants' As A Way To Reduce Deficit news.yahoo.com #7 Want to get rich? Work for feds www.washingtonexaminer.com


  1. NoWhiteGenocide

    Every white country is told to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country. Mass immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

    Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race. The true goal of “anti-racism” is to wipe out the white race.

    It is genocide.

  2. InformedCitizenNews

    @82Pumpkinfarms From our interviews of “Tea Party” protesters, most were upset with the government recklessness. Taxes need to be double the current rate to balance the budget. By borrowing as the Federal Govt does, it is stealing standard of living from the next generation. “We the people” allowed govt to become unsustainable with an unavoidable crash in future. Some people are just now realizing our financial and political mortality as a country. The big lie is our standard of living.

  3. 82Pumpkinfarms

    “Tea Party” is a Big Lie. It’s not the simple 1700s. We now have millions of life-saving water-food-air-safety, police, military, etc. provided by “big government” (We The People). During the real Tea Party there were no freeways, bridges nor school that allow real tax-paying patrots to work & contribute to the superior progress this nation has. I’ve never whined about paying taxes as without regulations many of us wouldn’t be here. Due to Cheney’s deregulations the Gulf is an oil pool.”

  4. EvoLori

    Go Harry! Didn’t know we had people like this among us. Thank God. Why didn’t I see this on the national news?

  5. professorcurtis

    Through the informed Citizens News, I hear and see news that is known to but not reported by the national media. Thank you for this alternative source of news and thank you for posting these videos!

  6. ChrisPCrunchy

    @81blackboy I never vote for a major political party. I always vote for an Independant, I dont know if you get that option there, it costs a lot of money to run for elected office there in the US as I understand. People who represent a political party do what is in the interest of that party NOT what is in the interest of the people or the nation. If we let the rich & greedy run our nations we will get more of what we have now. Greed, corruption and a collapse of our freedoms, rights & economy.

  7. TheKim004

    It is up to “real “Americans” to do the news….boycott the mainstream, lame stream media.

  8. 81blackboy

    I Hate that I voted Obama,I would never vote again!! The illumanati controls who gets elected anyway!! I am not (VOTING FOR THE (NEW WORLD ORDER) as long as I live) your vote doesn’t count people!!

  9. ChrisPCrunchy

    HA Exactly the same as Australia the solution to every problem is more immigration.
    Ageing population – more immigration,
    Too much greenhouse gases – more immigration.
    Global financial crisis – more immigration.
    Too much congestion in cities – more immigration.
    Jobs shortage – more immigration.
    The more you have of anything the less valuable it becomes, even people. Prepare to be worthless.

  10. veritasfiles

    Great newscast, and I’ve been meaning to add, I like the longer hair of the newscaster. Accurate and attractive news, imagine that!? Looking forward to future coverage. Thanks!

  11. admiralcrash1

    I like how she said…”Those of you that take voting seriously.” ha ha ha

  12. memphisboy901

    Sometimes the benefits ppl take advantage of are for legitimate reason and they do make a crucial change in family’s lives…I don’t condone anyone abusing it, however, I do believe we have to help the ones in need

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