Hurricane Sandy ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Man-made using HAARP/Chemtrails & predicted in 1997

connectingdots2 asked:

Hurricane "Sandy" was predicted in 1997


  1. jcampbell52790

    agreed 100%. but he cant change the weather. people died in this storm why would he??

  2. Pokeraine

    It’s a Conspiracy! Our whole Government is corrupted and lies to all of us! They do it for their own benefit!

  3. jcampbell52790

    Not enough to create weather!! Keep believing. Really tho why would anyone want a natural disaster like this to happen anyways. Just stop it

  4. Pokeraine

    This isn’t the 1400’s! In the 2000’s Anything can be possible to create! Look at our technology, it advances almost ever 3-6 months.

  5. John Doe

    I’m in New York…. Long island was being sprayed for days before the storm. I saw the isolation spaying from the chem planes. If you wear dark shades you can see rainbows blotted in the sky. without shades its hard to pick that up. Yes i do believe this SANDY super storm was weather modification. The next one will be very BAD

  6. jcampbell52790

    Do people really believe this? Man will never be able to control mother nature…sorry people

  7. William Wagener

    It did not postPONE the RIGGED Election, which was a National JOKE> I did not vote, and sat it out in europe.  Sheeple voted when they should have boycotted the entire Vote Scaming Federal Election.

  8. cpolydorus

    I sure hope they do wake the fuck up, but at what point are we already owned? Personally, I think we’re too late. If they had this shit in Vietnam war, what makes you think waking up will do anything but make “sane” working class people who think this is all bullshit, go insane & give the elitist fucks a reason to call martial law due to “civil unrest.” Why the duck does DoHS need 100s of millions of rounds of .223 ammo this year and still buying it. Kinda leads me to believe DHS army not FEMA

  9. cpolydorus

    Apparently all doplar radar in every city is capable of what haarp is capable of. Haarp is old shit people.

  10. cpolydorus

    Either way, YouTube hurricane Sandy 1997 and tell me they didn’t plan that shit. Fuckers

  11. ajfelix67

    I listen too all but follow none. I guess that world trade center building #7 came down at free fall speed from an office fire….right? Probably has nothing to do with the DTCC’s claim that a large amount of their $36.5 Trillion in securities holdings at 55 Water Street in NYC have been “damaged” by flooding from Hurricane Sandy. How convenient. I like to keep an open mind…nothing more.

  12. Pamela Collins

    i say whoever made this monster be put up on murder charges we need all of new york new jersey and every state affected to bring this to a court of law and prosecute this gov all of this so obama could get reselected or reelected iam so mad that this happened and they are getting away with this

  13. Justin Cleary

    he earthquake was caused by HARRP. They Created hurricane Sandy by beaming powerful radiowaves into the ionosphere. A side affect of doing this are earthquakes. The reason for creating hurricane Sandy along with all the catastrophic events is to postpone the election so they can usher in Romney. The Illuminati is not happy with Obama and they wants him out. Romney is their man that is going to carry out their plans for the new world order.

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