Huge Cloud of Birds Goes Nuts- Is It HAARP?

thetruthergirls asked:

VERY BIZARRE! Hundreds of birds going in circles shortly before the appearance of scalar waves in freshly-laid chemtrails. Is it HAARP that's doing this to them?


  1. mememutation

    hahahaha… LOL @ “There are so many birds that it looks like an aquarium!” :’-D

    You truthergirls are hilarious! (Sometimes)

  2. NotQuiteLucid

    Really bad video quality. You have to strain to see the birds. Get a better camera!

  3. UFOInvasionOrg

    Hundreds of black birds just came over my home too and no this is NOT haarp . they are happy because GOD JUST ARRIVED BACK TO EARTH!!!

  4. NwoArchAngel

    what a bunch of bullsh*t. why don’t you gals try to get out and get laid more…….

  5. UnionMetalhead

    pause the video at 1:19 and look to the mid-right part of the video and about just over a third of the way up the pic – look at part of the shape of the cloud – it looks like the shape of a dark apparition -or a spirit of some kind.

  6. jejeroy

    get out of Montréal to smell the purity of the air come into the South shore (rive-sud)

  7. MysterioEffect

    Have you see, at °0:28 – 0:33° there are also some Ufo’s or whatever this white blinky things are.

  8. haro2009

    WOOOW ITS A RAINBOW…WWOWW A DOUBLE RAINBOW OH MY GOD! mabey you and him should get together and talk about things of large amounts

  9. PEB979

    this is happening all over , what is going on ? it’s like they are on drugs , my skin itches when they are in packs like that, you should see them on lines , i could bomb them

  10. xDarkcynx

    your video is suspicious,
    always take a reference shot of whatever ground you are standing on
    for all i know you could be at the local city dump in which case it would be totally normal to see birds circling in that way and would explain the reversing sound
    not saying you’re wrong but it makes it easy to debunk your videos and we all know how hard it is to get taken seriously with all this

  11. bigmofoturbo86

    here in houston the video i attached has a preview of how crazy birds were over here, they allllll stand on one phone line by a neighbordhood intersection, they try flying away but get to a certain point and boomerang back onto the line, birds were flying in from outside too and just standiong on top of eachother in rows, the entire lines were completely full

  12. DysphemisticOptimist

    HAARP, chem trails, cell towers OH MY!!
    Causing unnatural amounts of alarmists to flock together, then GO NUTS!!!

  13. MrGamexGame

    Bird: “Man, flapping my wings all day, I better join my buddies and ride the wind funnels for a while!”

    Cyclostrophic balance
    Bernoulli’s principle

  14. dippywatcher

    @cfrancisco74 Hey dude! I think it would have been good to grow up with decent computers while still young. I built my first one out of logic chips in 1984 and it sucked. At least the technology is getting better now and cheaper.

    I come from a generation where as a teen calculators were cool (to us proto-geeks), personal computers non existent and video games were primitive. But we were into RL a bit more I suppose. Except when smoking…

  15. cfrancisco74

    @dippywatcher No one. I am the product of a generation who grew up w/ “spell check”

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