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www.crookreport.co.uk HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the US military realized its potency, it bought HAARP. Jesse Ventura in his new TV show Conspiracy Theory investigates HAARP which is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower complex in Gakona, AK. The antennas can shoot 3.6 million watts of powerful radio waves into the uppermost part of the Earth's atmosphere, heating it up and creating irregularities that cause the ionosphere to bounce the radio signals back to the ground. But many skeptical Alaskans believe that HAARP is actually a sophisticated weapons system that can destroy incoming missiles, manipulate the weather and even control human brains. With Jesse Ventura HAARP IN JAPAN EARTHQUAKE ? http


  1. foreverfamous726

    Its the same reason millions of birds drop died from the skies and millions of fish die at once they want full control of everything weather even us included! look at the body scanners TSA fascist America they make you conform or you cant fly you have to give a thumb print to get a drivers licence or you cant drive and when you say no thats when the proceed with the police state harassment against you.

  2. king694life

    What this machine will ultimately be used for in the end is poulation reduction.I’ve pretty much read everything on this.IT’S REAL all said about this machine,And I’m sick of people trying to debunk the idea of what this thing is capable of. Like they’re going to make us believe this thing is some kind of love machine that sends joy and happiness through the air. SO COME ON TROLLS YOU WANT TO HAVE A DEBATE.

  3. TheDemorphium

    @RickOFtheJames oh thank you mr for your fucking help, fuck you dude go be narrow and stupid somewhere else.

  4. Venomtjr

    Lawl this is pathetic if you believe this your almost as dumb as the people who believe in the loose change. Quit believing in everything on the internet.

  5. olga2415

    Right at the end of this video, who is the man being interviewed who was left making the statement ,”well then, I’ve been kept in the dark.”” after the interviewer’s final question?

  6. src438

    Somebody need to put-JANNET-RENO-NOPOLITANO–on Leesh-Why bec, HER-“EYES”-look on ” DRAGS” or she is with a chips in her…as….zz….She is on something-the-ITALIA Europe-Russian-GOING-CRAZY-to put this country in-to-HELLLLLLLLL-THOSE Jews ashke-NAZI-“what they don’t doooooo”-just to get attention!- OR SOME NEW-MOUSILINI-FROM-HELL!

    All bec, Kissinger the retard!!!!!!!!!!!!He want to reduced POPULATION BEC, HE HV A CHIP IN HIS ASS THAT TELL HIM TO DOOOOOOO-SO!

  7. sebrules

    lol, did i just hear somebody compare shooting shit into the last atmosphere being connected to earthquakes ? who the fuck taught these guys science?

  8. hardhatg69

    wow..guy answering at 6:22 is obviously lying..and it must be something serious running through his head to show up physically so intensely

  9. hotboyCRISS

    fuck all people who control the world……..GESSUS` save us :((
    Sorry Japan…

  10. samisleet

    they’ve got that jeep mounted laser now that burns your skin, this seems lie that on a grand sclae so… spookily plausable

  11. LadyScorpio39

    lets hope this is not true……..BUT….I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if it WAS.

  12. Espie1979

    @DONJUAN494 what about New Zealand and Australia – very white countries and allies of the US, especially Australia with it’s US military bases in South Australia. Pretty stupid conclusion really.

  13. Dennissays

    Sorry Japan, our corrupt government fucked you up with HAARP. Along with Chile and Haiti.

  14. DONJUAN494

    it make sense now….ask urself why “NATURAL DISSATSERS” happen mostly in poor third world countrys and brown/black ppl country including japanese and other east asian countrys

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