1. Karmathejedi1701

    lights/adimiral Byrd Norway stargate tech to Obama People bury heads in sand can’t see truth in thesky Search china & haarp

  2. 4life4win

    Why would they even try to stop now? If we stop all eartquakes and floods and Hurricanes and tornados, then World would actually die. the planet would strike back at us with full force. THe second reason is that USA isnt interested stopping those effects. Actually it is to create them or enhance the effects. Ionosphere and low frequency are main basis of that power. If u dont see that possible then ask yourshelf. Can anything be possible? I can say definetly yes. But can you?

  3. 1TtidnaB

    “do my research and shut up”

    By that you mean checking out youtube videoes made by conspiracy theorists, yeah – thats some quality research.

    Be openminded, stop this blindly believing in BS nonsense.

  4. InfidelAntichristian

    I do believe the government has the technology to create storms if they wanted, but I honestly think your full of shit if you think they can control the direction in which it goes afterwards.

    If they had that technology there wouldn’t be any more floods or hurricanes in the usa anymore.

    Its not like moving clouds with a playstation controller come on seriously.

  5. JessieBear33

    I can’t imagine you ever win an arguement with those tatic’s…. the inventor of this project has a major place in the world today…
    Don’t insult someone with talk of demons, your the one that sounds CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1TtidnaB

    If you had anything new to bring to the table, and are burning for this cause, it is kinda suspect that have not shared it yet.

    I have seen believer throw everything they got on this at eachother in forums, and there was no substans in any of it. Its also kinda hard to take someone that believes in 50 different kind of aliens, cropcircles, 2012, 9/11 conspiracy, new world order, vampires, homeopathic meds, telepathy, demons, ect, ect. Not saying you do, but you are moving in that category.

  7. jum401

    how do u know u have the same information as others? Don’t u consider relevant information from other sources as being part of one’s context?

  8. 1TtidnaB

    Suspect? Sure you dont mean believe?

    I mean, its a nice theory, but without any solid evidence you might aswell believe in gods, ghosts and aliens like the rest of the believers.

    I have the same information as you here, and this is not nearly enough for me to suspect anything – you might have filters that uncritically accept anything youre told, I dont.

  9. itzahazylife

    it’s psychotic and uneducated to suspect that weather modification technology that was bought by the military is being researched for its potential as a weapon?

  10. itzahazylife

    yeahh..an open house every 2 years. give out some free cookies. surely an exemption from anything going on.

  11. Seoshinawi

    That’s so true, Area 51 may just be a way to draw attention from other places, while the real deal is going on somewhere else

  12. Jhoffisdead

    last night my friend told me that he was driving and all of the streetlights went out, and then, 3 BLUE flashes of light in the sky!

    and guess what? the same thing happened by his moms house 10 miles away!

    im just saying…

  13. 510pker510

    Funny in the computer game Command and Conquer, GDI forces aka american forces most likely have a weapon that can control weather… Lol pretty funny.

  14. DoucheBagster

    “Does it have any military applications?”

    “The site itself is strictly a scientific research center, perhaps some of the outcomes of the science, perhaps some of the results could be applied to a military, to military systems”
    1 gigawatt = 100 bil watts

    There’s no paper trail…
    Eastland used to be an employee…
    But that’s pure coincidence…
    Eastland’s patents are owned by Raytheon…


  15. alanckaye

    they are allowed to use it domestically according to the treaty – they are not above testing their technology on American citizens as it is suspected they have done. They can change the weather. Scary – See Jessie Venture investigation. I know he’s not the brightest bulb in the box but seems to genuinely want to get conspiracy theories out to public.

  16. Ganjaholic420

    nick the reason America won’t go creating typhoons in the Middle East and Korea is because they’ll be violating international treaties by doing so. Then again America doesn’t follow treaties very well.

  17. itzahazylife

    look man..use common sense..HAARP and its technology was bought out by the US military..OF COURSE it’s being studied for its uses as a weapon..and it is very protected..when it was first built, it wasn’t, but as the years went on, the security was increased. as of now, it is a very protected, secure building.

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