Gulf ‘Oil Spill’ is a Red-Mud Volcano False Flag to Bring World Illuminati Ritual

AntimatterRadio asked:

Why can't you see the gulf oil in Louisiana? Martial law prevents us. Grupp on Freedomizer Radio 6-4-10


  1. Andrew Inns

    The BP Oil Spill may well be an ecological disaster and methane gas is still being emitted from the site, it doesn’t contribute to an end of the world senario.

    What is actually going on is that millions of tonnes of methane are being released from the arctic regions which are are causing increases in temperatures which in turn will cause the release of methane frozen in the equatorial regions.

    This is the forunner of the first of 14 catastrophic climate events which begin in 2017 and not 2012.
    These 14 events are called The Global Meltdown Domino Effect and can be downloaded free from our website Redskynews.


  2. circusOFprecision


    Yes, a youtuber named early2it was one of the first people I heard pointing to this, and if I remember correctly, Jeff mentioned a few of early2it’s comments about it on one of his previous antimatter radio broadcasts about the Gulf “Oil” Spill

  3. galacticwacko

    @noncontributingzero the creator helps those that seek… reading the Bavel and goin to church once a week aint gonna cut it…. SEEKING requires constant action.

  4. circusOFprecision


    There is also a methane hydrate depost (one of the largest in the world) right smack under where they were drilling. I haven’t been able to verify this empirically yet, but I have talked to people who say that when methane reacts with molecules in the water, it turns red. Not to mention, methane hydrate is the most dangerous aspect of offshore drilling. So, that may be a huge aspect to this as well.

  5. AntimatterRadio

    @GreatDepressionTwo – lava was deep in the ground, they had to drill TO a spot near the volcano where pressure gave way to eruption of MUD volcano, not a Hawaii-sort of red magma at seafloor surface volcano, there are many times, as you know. Not necessarily the case that oil and magma mixed until eruption, if much at all.

  6. GreatDepressionTwo

    Do you know what would happen it they drilled into a vocano in a oil feild?. It would flow magma into the oil feild ,pressurizing it ,razing the sea floor until it ruptured ,as it is said to be happening, I think if there is vocanic gases going threw the oil, it would turn it red.

  7. MrTear3

    The spill is horrible…. but this… is retarded. Completely, no brain style, prime, grade-A stupid.

  8. lllburgundylll

    I can agree with the point trying to be made w/ this vid…BUT, anyone who ever actualy took TIME and did a personal study of Rosicrucians would find that what is stated here is mostly false paranoia. People have to keep in mind that just because it doesnt say “christianity” doesnt mean its evil and the magick of “knowing” is actually the teachings of Jesus that were deletd from scripture for political gain centuries ago. Wouldnt want a bunch of Christ-like people running around! See?

  9. dvmcgovern

    @infadel13 Amen brother. we are but sojourners here for now. There is a better place waiting for us. Daph

  10. dvmcgovern

    @noncontributingzero No they are winning temporarily because the Lord said they would. I don’t have to worry about Jesus saving me though. He already did.

  11. infadel13

    @noncontributingzero no, many christians will be the main ones fighting w true patriots!!! brainwahsed sheeple dont give a damn but patriots n christians see this as the evil plans of lucifer to control world n WILL fight to the end!!!! Jesus will save us w eternal salvation. thisworld now belongs to satan n his evil army!!! that swhy its soooo screwed up!!! itll be fixed soon, but after MUCH death the devil brings. we are seeing the beginnings of the tribulation unfold!!!!!

  12. noncontributingzero

    @dvmcgovern They’re winning because too many dumbasses don’t care what happens in this life because they believe that Jesus will save them.

  13. dvmcgovern

    @MasterTerran They will only “win” for a short time, then the Lord is coming back to clean house. I hope your prepared for His return. daph

  14. MasterTerran

    The illumined ones will win,because people are too mind controlled and distracted,check mate…humanity has fallen.

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