GGN: The China Problem, NAU Security Forces Protect NWO, The Banks Drug & Gun Connection

ddarko2012 asked:

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Please visit: for the latest news commentary by Global Government News. Please donate to GGN because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. HEADLINES WITH LINKS: Special Forces and LAPD Urban Terror Training downtown Los Angeles CA 01-25-12 HD Chinese Cadets Visit the League City Police Department For Their Annual Internship Chinese Soldiers Play Hot Potato With Live Grenade Canada, US expanding joint defense plan US security contractors head to Mexico Active duty cop: 'The war on drugs is a war on people' US Border Agent, Jail Officer Arrested in Drug Conspiracy Case Cocaine mistakenly sent to UN headquarters Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny US judge backs ATF multiple rifle sales reporting Report: China police fire on Tibetans, killing 3 Philippines may allow greater US military presence in reaction to China's rise Chinese sub fleet on high alert in South China Sea South Korea Holds Artillery Drills At Border Island Information from Australian PM's aide led to protest clash London 2012 Olympics tents ban to stop Occupy protest camps Occupy protesters barred from camping in DC park Student protests may be banned altogether if violence continues Air Force's Top Brain Wants a 'Social Radar' to 'See Into Hearts and Minds' England riots: Government mulls social media ...


  1. artsychic2000

    i didn’t sign anything. If they want to shake me down they will. They are all liars and it’s all based on illusion through contracts that are fraudulent because there was no disclosure. The ones that carry it out are either brainwashed, highly paid or threatened. We need to get rid of these bastards. We need alot of rope

  2. tyronebiggums3

    I can’t wait for the next hit sheople TV program…
    “Chinese COPS”, filmed live from Beijing.

  3. 6095jimmy

    This guy says the truth I’ll probably be medicated one day because of what I say The truth makes you insane now I guess. lol I take no medications and I see nothing but lies from system lately the system I thought ment you were a free citizen.

  4. 6095jimmy

    LOL hahahahhahahahaha big joke hot grenade potato that s no joke and I mean the News people are so blind to reality that they ignore that this is fucked up and I hate the way we the people allowed so many bad people the chances to en slave us into a world of tyranny. Drug cartells are just part of the problem and lies.

  5. 6095jimmy

    Wonder what is going on, are you so blind you can’t see what s happening. They are preparing to evacuate you, lock you in a cage and in some cases assassinate people with no trial, no judgement just nothing. Um Um Um listen to that man it’s a cover-up for them training before they follow through with orders. I love how these people train to take their own country over and en-prison civilians. Police need to go with the people and the new Marshall Laws can even effect them as well. I’m afraid:(

  6. tec2ification

    Great vid! One of your best, alot of intense information and great comments. I also wanted to mention that I like the way you title video’s now, I get a kick out of it! Thanks.

  7. McFrager

    There’s nothing wrong with communism, it’s a great plan (world peace and some junk…) …. the problem with communism is that once control is gained the ones in power choose to keep it instead of abolishing their grip (aka dictators).

    Looks like your gonna be monitored, eh darko? Just kidding …..they probably already were ha.ha..ha …….hah.

  8. FlyingAxblade

    googles tos changes just after sopa is “downed”…eh? who cares, joint the progressive party, it IS NOT THE SAME AS THE COMMUNIST PARTY, it is TOTALLY different

  9. ProthoPectore

    im not even okay with border patrol in pennsylvania.
    pa state police is already listed as a “paramilitary” police force.
    what ever happened to our local sheriffs maintainin’ order?
    and not in a paramilitary way….

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