Former illuminati members speak out

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  1. fiston

    dear is my fiston longa from luanda.angola please
    je parel bien franche end the protugues car moi votre ami fiston je besoin de etre votre membre de votre parmi de vous je de votre aide s’il vous plait aide moi avec votre grade the illuminati pour mais emportez le bonheur et avec pour toute ma vie et pour moi vivre un bonne nouvelle vie comme je meritez please

  2. calabiyauasaurus

    You gotta remember though that they’re all slaves to the Devil. It’s not the people, it’s not them, it’s just Satan.

  3. bigbrainbrotha

    @pointsforme1 troll much winner? please use proper language when addressing me. you and your comments are beneath me. we can all tell here by your poor use of sentence structure and lack of vocabulary, not to mention your ability to say something intelligent, that we shouldn’t even dignify your nonsense with a response. good day TROLL! your name says it all to us. tell mommy you are out of twinkies, oreos, and peanut butter to put on your dick for the dog to lick off. id10t! get on my level.

  4. pointsforme1

    @bigbrainbrotha lmfao a target? u dumbfuck they cant kill u.. thatll expose them more u dumbass they can only use the patriot act against u.. if u dont know wat that is look it up dumbfuck

  5. juice2324

    Fuck the Illuminati, Fuck the illuminati, Fuck the illuminati. Now Im mocking yall. Fuck the Illuminati!!!!!!!

  6. larrykwalker


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