1. TrutherD1

    Check out both sides of the story. /antimatterradio has done some work potential deception ∙ For truth!

  2. HobieGuy77

    @monkeywithawrench27 I’ve had 5 hobie 16 , my fav sailboat for this area!

    No them inside and out if you need some advice or a hand with something..

    If you set up in the area , let me know, I’ll can point you in the right direction anyway! Been giving sailing instuction for ever, later Capt. Larry

  3. monkeywithawrench27

    @HobieGuy77 yea. and speaking of the h16, i just got a ’81 h16 last wednesday for free. its in really nice shape too. it was dirty, but i got it all cleaned up now. it has about 3 tears in the main sail, but they are repairable. ive never sailed, but i cant wait to learn.

  4. HobieGuy77

    @monkeywithawrench27 I live in town but run charters on my hobie 16 off P’cola beach! I think it will get worse as the wind blows stonger out of the south.. They will clean it up and it will be back for the forseable future… You live in P’cola??

  5. monkeywithawrench27

    @HobieGuy77 how much worse do you think its going to get? and do you live on the beach or in pensacola?

  6. HobieGuy77

    @monkeywithawrench27 Hey Bro, I was out pretty early today! There was so much of it and it went on for mile’s. Workers where still @ the casino beach area around 10a.m. Thinking they where going to use beach rakes behide tractors??

  7. monkeywithawrench27

    wtf?!?!?!?!?!? that is one of the most retarded things/people i have ever seen on youtube. anyways, how come i didnt see any of the people out there picking it up? have they not been out there picking it up at all on that section of the beach? i havent been able to head out to the beach yet.

  8. wolfgang8u

    man tell the surfer dude to watch out for sharks they are being driven into shallows because of the oil. I watched a video of them filming about 20 six footers in less then 20 seconds. there were larger ones than six foot also. These sharks could be in distress so please warn the surfers you see. I surf so i respect it. I had a five foot shark follow be into shore once. i hoped of the board in waste deep water he swam around my waste brushing up against me and went back out to sea.

  9. Manofbegging

    This oil came because of the sin that rednecks have been engaging in. Stop fuckin yur sisters and mothers. Repent and the oil shall flow away!

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