DTN Teresa Aviles at US Social Forum

FDBecker asked:

Teresa Aviles of the November Coalition speaks at the US Social Forum regarding the drug conspiracy that sent her son to prison and the prison conspiracy that sent him home dead.


  1. donalbc

    Are you saying that the U.S government is slowly killing off the American black male population. I personally see this as a topic that isn’t discussed enough. But honestly can’t believe the government is maliciously doing this, i feel its just them faling there duty to all U.S citizens by not putting enough thought into this topic. I mean they have had a long time to address this issue(just like other countries). ITS A REAL SHAME BUT I HOPE TO SEE REAL PRO ACTIVE CHANGE IN MY LIFETIME.

  2. donalbc

    its not a gencidal practice against black men, it is a result of your U.S goverment allowing black males to be more likely to go to prison as a result of material and social deprevation.

  3. poppa2006

    I wish you success every step of the way. Black American men are an endangered species in America. I truly believe it is genocide which is being practised against black men in America.
    Why is this not addressed by the the court system?
    As I said, I wish you success and strength and perseverance in achieving your goal.

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