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its4real4u2 asked:

destin florida oil spill update for June 19, 2010. Dest beach and water conditions. Should I cancel my trip to destin, is there oil in the water in Destin, FL? Is the sand full of oil and tar in Destin Florida? Watch this video to learn the TRUTH about the beach and water conditions in this Destin Florida gulf oil spill update


  1. knowthegulfcoast

    I have also gone down to the beach alone to take videos and each time i think ….why didn’t i just bring the kids down here to play? BECAUSE THE MEDIA SAYS “THERE IS OIL”. Well enough you Media People…there is no oil and i am taking my kidos down to the beach today to enjoy their summer vacation! Maybe oil in the future but none in Destin again today….hopefully our prayers have been answered.

  2. knowthegulfcoast

    I like the way you think! You are right! NO OIL and NO OIL SMELL AGAIN TODAY!
    We are all alive and well! It is Sunday today and i have not taken my 3 kids down to the beach due to the oil alam. It has been now 2 months that we should have had this oil and still nothing!

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