Destin Florida oil spill beach fishing update Gulf

winebuddy4u asked:

oil in Destin Florida? Fishing in Destin? Learn about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how it has affected the Destin Florida area and the beach conditions. Watch this video and see actual beach and oil conditions NOW in Destin Florida. Is Destin Harbor closed? Learn about oil and the Destin fishing fleet and whether or not the fishing is good in Destin, FL.


  1. MrMasterofmusic

    Mike, your an idiot. Wait until the Tsunami’s come soon, quit using a disaster to sell your realestate.. Keep dreaming, when the June grass die’s your next…I’m flagging all these as spam from many youtube accounts I operate and other’s grasping or sselling lies.., your endangering innocent lives..

  2. 33mrme

    “Come swim in our lovely chemical dispersements. You won’t feel the effects for years!”

    This is propaganda and lies. Destin is proving itself to be every bit as greedy and heartless as BP. Boycott BP. Boycott Destin.

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