Conspiracy Theory Proved True!

MoxNewsDotCom asked: August 20, 2009 MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show


  1. Scotkill

    @pellenyberg I don’t think Bush has the brains to be honest lol The rest, I’ll agree with haha

  2. SuperBuzz71

    From my angry center postion I distrust libs and cons but please Maddow don’t feel like genius by calling the sky blue. It was obvious at the time to any one that paid attention. This is not news.

  3. HowlMoonBeam

    They have people scared to even fucking question their motives. This guy Ridge didn’t even know the intention of raising the fucking threat level. It should be obvious that this tactic was used to unfairly gain votes for Bush. This is bullshit

  4. ThePapabear27

    @DidYourMomOSaurus word of advice dude, don’t ever apologize to these dipshits. if someone gets pissed, give a big ol’ middle finger and move on lol.

  5. Kindofshyness

    @DidYourMomOSaurus, I was talking about cutoff808. That is why I said “Please to be learning how to spell, @cutoff808.”

  6. DidYourMomOSaurus

    @Kindofshyness just so i know, what did i spell wrong? “rawr” is an onomatopoeia (yes that’s spelled right too) i’m just kidding anyways, i would have no motivation to start an argument, i personally think that such an extreme is bias, and killing mass amounts of people won’t really help anything. i apologize if i offended anybody by giveing someone my impression of their opinion.

  7. Kindofshyness

    @DidYourMomOSaurus, More like like kitty has illiteracy… LUL PLeSWE 2 B LURNIN 2 SPEEL, @cutoff808.

  8. thinkingitthrough06

    @G3org3Master The man stated that Bush 9/11 and the subsequent terror threat to his political advantage, which is true. That however does not prove that in this instance the terror level was changed to garner support for his campaign. It is possible that this did happen, and I don’t claim to know either way, but the reporting in this case is sophmorish and lacks truth.

  9. G3org3Master

    The guy on the right is good at fooling both sides. By saying things are badly managed he gets people to thing the powerful people are incompetent, not manipulative, this is incorrect.

  10. G3org3Master

    Ah well, it doesn’t really matter that all these moron got/get manipulated and lied to because Ignorance.. is bliss.

  11. thinkingitthrough06

    Msnbc just “proved” the conspiracy theory by asking if he did it??? Nothing proven/No evidence, just to circumstances that their spin cycle linked together.

  12. cutoff808

    it looks like most US people are the only one, who have 2be told
    that the Bush Admin manipulated the publics fear of terrorism
    for the rest of the world it was crystal clear since day1
    thats the result if u are more intrested in the sigar of Clinton
    or the shoes of Lady GagGag, then your own rights & freedom…
    & still they claim not 2be ignorant, or brainwashed
    & want u dead if u say so…so actually they are now also
    thinking the same as a terrorist…
    your different?…then u must die


    The so call ”’Moon landing”” An American invention.[Not an actual event]…….Sept-11 attacks.Another American invention[Not a terrorist attack]

  14. mwmethos

    @cykoaudio777 I used to think the someone who made comments like yours were just incapable of looking at the Republican party with a critical eye. think what you say being critical on Obama is very fair and to point out. So my epiphany I had is this; THE PAID MEMBERS OF THE TWO PARTY’S ARE THE ONLY WINNERS, WE THE PEOPLE NEVER ARE. AS LONG AS IT IS A TWO PARTY SYSTEM, IT DOES’NT MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE, THEY BOTH WIN. EACH YEAR IT CONTINUES LIKE THIS, THE STATUS QUO WINS, AND WE LOOSE.

  15. oskarschindler68

    Ohhhhh….how I HATED the Bush Administration (and still do) the whole entire 8 years they were in power. SCUMBAGS! All of them.

  16. MegaPupucaca

    It sucks to say, but I blame the internet for conspiracy bullshit. It used to be that you had to publish something, so you had to convince a company that your information was right so they would print it. Now, any asshole with a cable modem can put his non-peer reviewed, ridiculously illogical bullshit on the internet, and thousands of other assholes can collectively circle-jerk over it. Get over yourselves, your fucking wrong, read Popular Mechanics debunking ALL their shit (scientifically).

  17. paLLfuckaLL

    all these bitches report now is opinioon. i dont gie a flying fuck what these people think, gimmi the facts

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