Conspiracy of Science – Earth is in fact growing

nealadamsdotcom asked:

This video is a Neal Adams animation about his theory that the Earth is growing. This collides with the Pangea theory. Watch it, you will be amazed.


  1. GideeshFilms

    @jotjotzZz That is actually wrong, then how come say, if the earth was back a long time ago when it was small and it somehow did have this innder magma surfacing and solidifying; how would it be able to gain more magma in order for it to achieve the size it is now. Because if it was small it could only have limited amount of magma meaning it wouldn’t be able to get very much bigger. If you get what I’m trying to say

  2. GideeshFilms

    @nealadamsdotcom Ok then how is Earth obtaining it’s “new” matter, and how is there not convection etc when there is PROOF of that. And how do you explain earthquakes etc, that happen AROUND tectonic plates….? hmmm

  3. areaderful

    By claiming that they have all the answers – like the science of CAGW is settled…what a crock, but hey the MSM sold it well, governments – as an excellent way of gaining revenues. So they LOVE GREEN TAXES & FEES MORE MONEY FOR THEM!
    Guilt GUILT and more GUILT and profits from this hype and meanwhile the earth will do what’s inclinded to do with or without humans or their input.
    Really silly to think we can affect the weather…
    I like this explanation, best one so far.
    Hawaii ..

  4. jotjotzZz

    This is verified true theory actually. It was verified and accepted in 2029. The growth is due to the inner magma/liquid core surfacing and solidifying. Eventually the growth will stop when there is no more liquid core and the earth will die. True story.

  5. metatechnocrat

    To see direct evidence of tectonic plate subduction everyone, just google:
    “survey data” subduction.
    then clink the link called :
    Then you will see seismic maps of a tectonic plate that is sliding under japan. Very clear data.
    completely contradicting Mr. Adams claims about that detail of geology.

    This is the technique used to find deposits of oil btw so don’t believe anyone telling you “its not accurate or a hoax.” lol

  6. metatechnocrat

    Well done Mr. Adams. You destroyed the posts which might provide people reading here an example of how debates about science really are conducted. Bravo

    Your return has brought back the insults and excessive caps and exclamation points not surprisingly as well. lol

    Ill ask the question again, Where is the data showing diameter of Earth growing?

    There will be no answer from you. And anyone daring to post evidence to the contrary will be silenced by the “open minded and fair” Mr Adams.

  7. nealadamsdotcom

    @0508Gee If people didn’t benifit from lying ,.. why would they lie?
    2. There’s different KINDS OF LYING! ….Fudging facts, Lying by ommission, Leaving out opposing arguments.
    Scientists do all of these all the time. Geologist Dave is aware of institutions who ALL reported SHRINKAGE OF EARTH over 5 years. He admits the FIRST figure were their “estimates”, without TELLING YOU that they simply, stupidly OVER-ESTIMATED 5 yrs ago. And refuses to GET THE FIGURES that SHOW THE SPREAD.

  8. lerroc

    @nealadamsdotcom ^^^ check this guys recation, and he’s calling me nuts?
    if plates move away from eachother, then they are only moving closer to OTHER plates.
    your theories and opinions overlook far to many facts. you posted this vid, i gave my feed back, try not to shit your pants

  9. rongrite

    @mathforphysics Matter grows in mass in space. A meteor grows atom by atom until it becomes big enough to make matter itself, and grows faster. The bigger something is, the faster it grows, Stars are “creating” new matter so fast that some of it gets changed into energy. The starting point of matter creation is pair production, where matter and anti-matter are separated from a single particle of virtually undetectable dark matter, this “looks” like mass forming from nothing in space. Growing.

  10. mathforphysics

    I can imagine land drifting apart, but how would the Earth grow? What is the mechanism? It sounds silly.

  11. Diamonddavej

    ITRF2008 SINEX files contain:

    1. ITRF2008 Station positions and velocities
    2. VLBI Station positions, velocities and EOPs starting from 1980
    3. VLBI Station positions and velocities
    4. SLR Station positions, velocities and EOPs starting from 1983
    5. SLR Station positions & velocities
    6. GPS Station positions, velocities and EOPs starting from 1997
    7. GPS Station positions & velocities
    8. DORIS Station positions, velocities and EOPs starting from 1993
    9. DORIS Station positions & velocities

  12. Diamonddavej

    @nealadamsdotcom I am sorry, Neil. I didn’t understand you earlier request. I will of course endeavor to make clear & transparent the process behind the construction of ITRF2008 & the other similar Earth Size measurements, in particular I will explain how & why Wu et al. 2011 made such clams.

    I can answer part 2 now (part 1 will take more then one post & time). The data is freely downloadable from the internet, Google – ITRF2008 SINEX files

  13. nealadamsdotcom

    @GideeshFilms For someone to be right. Someone MUST BE WRONG, and often vindictive in their wrongness.

    YOU get over your Pollyanna attitude.
    Pangea theory is WRONG BY PROOF AND FACTS! It’s believers are deluded Religious Zealots, who will quote scripture till the silence opposition… They are certainly NOT SCIENTISTS, but slaves to their Jury-rigged mantras and doctrines. They will chew off their legs to get away from the truth.

  14. nealadamsdotcom

    Dave, I have no wish to shut you down, BUT I am not going to allow you to simply list papers and their conclusions without PROOF as to validity.
    1. Synopsize or explain it in your own words and with complete step by step structured THOUGHT and PROOFS.
    2. I asked you for the measurements from these institutions. You ARE an accredited Geologist, are you not? Would they dare to withhold any such information from YOU? After all there IS NO CONSPIRACY,..RIGHT?

  15. GideeshFilms

    I think its a combination of this and current beliefs. No ones right but no ones completely wrong. So get over it

  16. rongrite

    @Diamonddavej Yes, clouds are condensation cells, but it’s the cosmic rays from space, that form the aerosols, in the lower atmosphere, that become the nucleus for every condensation point.
    Then there is lightning, caused by static discharge from the cloud?
    Or by the unification of Hydrogen and Oxygen as in a fuel cell?

    Sorry to rain on your parade.

  17. rongrite

    @Diamonddavej Thank-you for watching my little video!
    The thing is that, the surface of a growing object, like the rough bark of a trees’ trunk, will have a recognizable pattern that is “looks” different from a non-growing surface, like the textured wall of a building.

  18. corrigami81

    @metatechnocrat Well current subduction doesn’t mean the earth hasn’t or isn’t expanding. The Hawaiian chain is pointing directly at Japan. the upper mantle pushes the crusts along from west to east. Continental crusts go down deeper into the earth, so they get pushed along while Pacific plate, having no resistance, goes crashing westward. Look at the Philippine Sea Plate, its a traffic jam while Australia tries to make its way up toward the bulge of our equator. maybe the deleted aren’t worth

  19. metatechnocrat

    With every comment deleted that refutes him with argument to the contrary, he defeats his own position.
    Do you take anyone seriously who can’t even stand to have someone dispute or question them, then like an angry child wipes the chess pieces off the board?

    If there was research that shows evidence that Earths diameter was growing then I’d be on-board, but his conjecturing about alternate plate movements and physics of matter creation just doesn’t cut it as proof. Data does. Show the data!

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