1. RealTruthNow

    How ridiculous. Only a troofer and leftist nutcase could possible derive a vast conspiracy from common shapes and symbols. This video whould be deleted, to be kept from harming the public anymore.

  2. im2fast2catch

    22nd of september all around the world. No more new world order, no more lies, no more rfid verichip, no more !! spread the word to the world.

  3. apsert

    if this was all not for real.stop vid at 02:58 THEN WHY THE HELL IS THERE A PYRAMID ON THE BACK OF MY NATWEST BANK CARD the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vence333

    Hey what is that at 5 : 38 ?? is that an ovni ? maybe it s all linked to roswell case and area 51 ? if our leaders are ready to bomb their own ppl to keep them eager for war maybe there is a bigger power behind that than we can imgine ….

  5. Chap1940

    Excellent video. What’s the music? I’ve heard it before but can’t think what it is.

    Anyway, thank you for this video.

  6. wierdlookinkid

    cool. youve gone a bit paranoid though, after a while you just showed pictures of triangles and pyramids? hey, they are popular shapes. Also im afraid some of your upside down crosses were simply templates of swords, there everywhere, not just churches.

  7. ssauble

    I’ve heard that once before. Except the person noted Lincoln had also attempted to print his own money.

  8. quartermick

    Didn’t Tesla claim to be able to harness from and transmit power using the ionosphere? I know that when he died, most of his work was confiscated by the U.S. Govt. They’ve been working on their HAARP program in Alaska, but they claim that it’s not used for that. Who knows….

  9. nuniyabidness

    This is the lamest conspiracy video ever. Upside down crosses mean nothing. Worshipping the cross is idoltry.

  10. jaktheflap

    good video, badly coloured text some of it. It’s all true, well i think it is. I m actually starting research into all this myself so its intresting.

  11. B0WtiE

    do you know what persephone is? i’ve read ancien greek mythology- yes she’s the godess of underworld… i like her thou’

  12. B0WtiE

    doh if you believe something you have to have something religious- christians have crosses, buddhists have chaplets, theese assholes have their pentagrammas.

  13. guppy072


    Some points:
    The statue on top of the capital building is the statue for freedom. Not the goddess of the underworld, i’m afraid. ;)

    And as far as the wireless powerplant. I don’t think so unless you can harness the energy from out of thin air !

  14. alleyghost

    It’s true: those are magick symbols, they have to display them somehow. They’re part of the gimmick, if gimmick there is.

  15. W00DS70CK

    he does NOT it says in caption: it is the symbol of the sun, NOT THE NAZI’S
    Its just somewhat unreadable due to bad colour for the used captions, And NAZI’s DO use the reversed swastika

  16. albertopavlic

    They rule the country in secret cause they need time to make us all people in the world at the same time SLAVES of them. The symbols are needed in freemansonry (the so called masonic “religion”)wich worship the all powerless satan.

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