CO shooting premeditated, motive still unknown

CBSNewsOnline asked:

CBS News Justice correspondent Bob Orr reports the mass shooting at movie theater in Aurora, CO, on Friday was premeditated and that suspect James Holmes' planning went back four months, though his motive is still unknown.


  1. IranContraScumDid911

    It was premeditrated by Obama and the motive is to centralize power and to get the people to concede to his unlawful gun agenda. This is all fake, the suspect personality is being created, to suit a specific need. Obama told you it would be a ‘deranged lone wolf’ gunman, his prediction was AMAZINGLY accurate, he even released a terror warning two months ago threatening attacks on theaters nationwide. Barack Obama is a terrorist, this is to create fear forcing sheep to surrender rights.

  2. katrinlove2012

    Bob Orr,theres someone with a tail and pitchfork waiting for you when you pass away;)

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