1. TashaTchin

    What happened after this? Nothing. This was during the Clinton admin. Which was preceded and followed by Bush administrations. And, there was that inconvenient little airfield in Mena, Arkansas, where Clinton and the first Bush were in the business of drug smuggling. W. Bush was also involved in smuggling cocaine, not to mention using it. So, who was going to do anything about it, the co-conspirators themselves? Not likely! Read “Barry and the Boys.”

  2. icanttwo

    yeah well the name should be changed from conspiracy’s to the hidden in plain sight truths of america or the world for that matter. uhhem

  3. SexyMelon

    Not really a “conspiracy” when your own agents openly accuse you of it, is it now? Talk about open secrets.

  4. TheDrunkenTrooper

    They did it in Vietnam as well not alot of people know but they gave opium farmers acess to trade routes in exchange for military intel this back fired on them tho becouse the only people who could afford the smack was the us army! In the 1970s there where more heroin addicts in the marine core than in the entire united states of America

  5. Gtaivownz

    also, when soviets invaded afganistan, the opium production was cut severly, when they left. they started again but then stopped. when the US invaded, opium production skyrocketed.
    pretty good evidence the CIA produced opium in afghanistan

  6. djkennothon

    Puerto Rico is the experimental ground for social changes, what happens here is just an experiment to see what happens at a greater scale. instead i think psychedelics should be legalized and also there should be people teaching about the real use of psychedelic drugs…

  7. damirflame

    what the fuck? why didn’t they do anything to the CIA? why is the CIA still existing? why didn’t I heard anything of this on the news over here?!
    can someone please answer me what they did after this?

  8. Nezahualcoyotl7

    Puerto rico is infested with cocaine and corruption.
    USA uses PR as backyard to smuggle drugs to NY and Florida.

  9. DonAlebrije

    CIA uses puerto ricans to transport south american cocaine to NY, where nuyorkers are desesperate to buy more and more.

  10. Starpass

    Deutch is just full of passing the buck.

    not all he said:
    “If you have any info info regarding any criminal activity by the C.I.A.just bring it in and we’ll destroy it. Oh.. and be a good American and bring any copies of the info please.”
    He was wringing his hands like crazy.
    A man that does that at a meeting is hiding something. What the shit is this world coming to. Why don’t they just tell us what they are doing?
    They have told us. Do your homework.
    and WAKE THE MIND…UP!! It’s important.

  11. Coffeeandasmoke

    People have been warning us for well over a hundred years, now. When ya gonna wake up, Folks?

  12. Laskiewic

    Lori Lowry employed by the U.S. Dept. Of Justice ,Sacramento,CA. kidnapped by the D.E.A. placed in Mens Peniteniary Of Lompoc,Mentally , physically , abused.The D.E.A. was paranoid that informants ,ex-offenders that distribute narcotics would be exposed.Congresswoman, President Clinton ,Hilliary Clinton, amoungst other Polititions know of this incident & they don’t care.This incident took place in 1997.Per the D.E.A. she was escorted out of Lompoc by Jim Mcquistin a Ex-Offender.

  13. Imariscent

    Yeah, when he put that bag of mega crack rocks back in his drawer, almost licking his lips.
    I saw that shit, and ROFLMAO.

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