children on Earth 2012 ! population control starvation and war SOS AFRICA ASIA. ?!

persepolis2500 asked:

Over 4 million children under five die every year due to malnutrition. And nearly 200 million children under five are growing less than normal and are ill because of malnutrition. More than a third of the nearly 9 million children who die of pneumonia, diarrhea and other diseases would have...


  1. Vengrence

    @darkartiz Being thankful is one thing. But being guilty of being prosperous is ridiculous. I’m tired of seeing people whining about how we’re so bad´╗┐ and evil for not starving.

  2. darkartiz

    ..and the sad part is, some of us still don’t see the the importance of food, we just keep on wasting´╗┐ it instead of appreciating and being thankful that we are lucky to have food on our plates too eat… I have seen several videos like this and this one also moved me.

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