Chemtrails UK 21st Feb 2009

Sliding322 asked:

All footage taken 21st february 2009... In this video starting at about 9:20am till 12:00pm (had to go to work after that), Ive put in as much as i can fit into the 10min slot. Timelapses, photos, contrasted effects, commentary and music.. All to show the effects of what we call Chemtrails on the skies above,.... In these videos i try to put you in my shoes to show what its like to track and tape these lines as they expand into clouds and drift past the visible horizon.. I admit some trails must be called persistant contrails but it dosent explain like i said in the video how in the same airspace altitude etc some leave lines while some just fly on by without leaving a trail.. The German military has admitted to using Chemtrails filled with metals and polymers to disrupt radar and communications whether as tests or/and during Wargames...Training .. whatever.. The point is, is that the military with its 100% secrecy tries to get away with this stuff while you and me suffer the aftermath effects of whatever they are spraying.. Im in the UK , my Government has finally admitted to spraying chemicals from 1940's up till nearly 1980... this took nearly 25yrs to come to light (spraying bio-logical agents, flu virus, name a few) .. So just imagine what they are trying to do now, and in this time of fear and ridicule not many people are questioning why this is taking place.. infact barely anyone is... anyway hope you enjoy this Video ..To a point... (took me hours ...


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