Chemtrails Make Mainstream Media, Michael Murphy Exposes Geo Engineering

NotForSale2NWO asked:

Chemtrails admitted by CBS - Atlanta


  1. tcald52

    Lying Media and lying Government, Of course the media isn’t going to tell you the truth. They are ran by the Elites/ Government that controls what we see, what we think, and what we should believe.Both comitting treason agaist our Republic and both are enemies of the Citizens.They all need to go to jail..

  2. Patricia Miller

    The Georgia Tech Researcher, Jim St. John, is a moron! Geo-engineering planes don’t follow a Point A to B flight path. If he studied the planes conducting aerosol spraying - he’d know this! The same plane will go back and forth several times, creating parallel lines. What a ridiculous comeback – to state that it’s simply more planes in the sky.Go back to bed Jim.

  3. violashutters

    that an sinister Agenda has been put in place to destroy our
    well being. With public comments like this one…

    ‎”To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

    We should all be very concerned.

  4. violashutters

    Being that the Media in the U.S. is owned by Four Corporations who all know one another and work for the same people, it is not surprising that they are not going to put any real information about the aerosol spraying program that has been going on for almost twenty years nor are they going to give it any credibility by referring to it as a “conspiracy” right from the start of the news Story. It is obvious through the numerous, public comments that those in power have made for the last century

  5. thegroove2000

    We need to other throw the US and UK Governments before its too late. They are the murderers of this earth and there is no other way to end this im sorry to say, apart form direct action because these bastards are the real real threats to humanity and this earth.

  6. ChrizstianC

    One thing we can all be certain of is: plane travel would have never got off the ground if it left tracks like that all over the sky!

    This is happening all over Australia as well, including small regional areas. People are too busy looking down into their phone screens to bother noticing anything that might be happening to the sky above them;it drives me mad.

  7. SuperDeltaBravo1

    @singledad1234 – Right you are! It’s time we of us that have the documented Proof, Public Law 105-85 & HR 2977, move as one on Washington & DEMAND THEY STOP NOW!

  8. SuperDeltaBravo1

    You are sadly mistaken. Your argument is debunked by the presence of these chemtrails over arid, desrt like areas such as New Mexico and Arizona. Also, you are quite suspect as a shill or troll especially with a page like yours. youtube(dot)com/user/gibbsbravo

  9. gibbs bravo

    Here is the real explanation for all of you pondering this miraculous event: ‘As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets or, if the air is cold enough, tiny ice crystals’

  10. sanluisskywatch

    Great video.. I feel like that girl- how can you not notice this going on?

  11. 357MagnumBob

    Who is that weatherman moron? High levels of aluminum don’t show up suddenly all over the country because those are normal water vapor contrails. And why can’t the moron reporter do a patent search on delivery mechanisms for aerosols? The Navy originally wanted BaO2 so they could more accurately see terrain with surveillance electronics. Not sure where the Aluminum came in, but Aluminum (actually Al2O3) is a known contributor to Alzheimer’s. How come news people are so clueless ????

  12. vincentvegamsk

    Greetings from Russia. We have the same problem with Chemtrails in Moscow.

  13. Sean Trow

    type in Chem trail truth must see
    by turbotrow
    the answers are there, soo obvious

  14. sinpros

    chemtrails = making us sick, global warming and killing the honey bees to cause food shortage

  15. marcelohalmen

    Exactly..and is never only one reason, chemtraiing has multi-purposes but leading to only one goal.

  16. manelmariarodrigues

    If you want go to facebook and join we are change, they have a lot of pictures sent by concerned (correctly informed) citizens. Something is up, that’s for sure, and when the government purposely deceives people in mass it isn’t a good sign…..

  17. manelmariarodrigues

    Combating global warming, you don’t combat global warming because it s a natural phenomenon……..

    this is just SAD, the common folk who needs the TV for info will be completely mislead….what is this world coming to !?

    We ask the tough questions….

  18. manelmariarodrigues

    “They think” you’re right we do think, you should try it sometime….

  19. KingMe5000

    All you people that just saw this, Get your printer on, Make a Nice TITLE and copy the link to this video onto your paper, HIT print Times 50X and go walk your dog and place these papers into all your neighbors Mailbox! THAT EASY !! I hope YOU DO IT! ( find more links to add to your paper)

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