Chem-trails on the Discovery Channel part 1 of 3

hifiami asked:

The Discovery Channel explains in depth the on going mystery and debate over the chemtrail conspiracies.


  1. oberlin1990

    one thing…Whoever is doing this would have to be suffering the consequences themselves. Therefore I’m hoping its unlikely.

  2. retardedjoe12

    i can see some out side my window right now,i live in uk is this the reason why we have had no summer just rain

  3. mckheu

    WHO IS THE IGNORANT ONE here ? WHEN i make The Questions.
    And You Respond With LAME Answers, EVADING My Arguments BY RIDICULE.


    Pilots will lie if questioned by customer. I took a flight and watched as they flew close under the chemtrails across our path they were adjusting altitude by a few hundred feet
    to make it hit the windshield. I guess it was for fun? When asked they lied and said
    “?what’s a chemtrail”?

  5. TWCobra

    Actually, my apologies.. I see you are Dutch. Chemtrail theory states that any persistent contrail is actually a chemtrail. My aircraft puts out persistent contrails all the time hence, according to CT theory.. I am chemtrailing. I can give about 25 solid unimpeachable reasons why that is not possible.. but chemmies aren’t interested in the truth.

  6. TWCobra

    it is “planes” and “sprayed” and “vacation.” It is hard to respect the thoughts of the author of such a badly spelt rant.

  7. uglyrage

    you are just a commercial puppet pilot. offcourse you know nothing… ofcourse its not the plaines people take when they go on vakation….
    offcourse its OMEGA’s plains which are spraying….
    and there are enough plains who can spray… like they spraid agent orange in vietnam… like they spray vegetable’s… and now they also spray us…

  8. orozcoangel101

    Try convincing them! They don’t understand, they think engine pylons are nozzles! So ridiculous! If only they took basic aviation weather, and understood how cold and windy it is up at altitude, ignorance will reign them though.

  9. fairybells1

    Geo-engineering large-scale manipulation of changes in atmospheric chemistry) catastrophic effects of global warming, . However the controversial practice has now received a boost from some of the wealthiest men in the world — including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The group of billionaires has been funding a small team of leading climate scientists and are lobbying governments and international bodies to back geo-engineering experiments to avoid catastrophic climate

  10. surrealist139

    its not about poisoning people, or global warming, its for blocking out the ensuing shit storm that is headed this way. the “asteroid belt” used to be a planet, anything could happen really, and we wouldnt know until it happens with the way things are ran today…i personally dont think anyone is out to get me, i think they couldnt care less really, other than of my tax money to fund their shit..which is why there is no official word on this chemtrail stuff, we dont get to know anything

  11. surrealist139

    so no pilots could be paid enough or given enough incentive otherwise to fly this shit on their planes, regardless of what they are told that it is or for?… ok…and its not coming out of as a part of the planes exhaust, nor is it contrails.

    after watching this for 7 min or whatever, its quite obvious that the discovery channel is full of shit, just like all the assholes on this program. thanks for reading.

  12. beenzo

    I have been observing trails here in Colorado for many months now. They have slowed down recently

  13. drugosaur

    I live in Texas and i am seeing an increasing amount of these chem trails. Espeacially the X’s

  14. David Letters Junior

    i like how its a random old ass womand and journalist talking about “chemical trails” LOL people who have no idea what chemistry is or even how expensive it would be to use chemicals to be sprayed on air. fucking loons

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