Charles Dickens Birthday

Today February 7 is author Charles Dickens birthday, and a survey at several London Universities
came up with some surprising news.
I would have assumed JK Rowling would have been named as a top author but far from it,
the top authors in the English languages turned out to be;
1 william Shakespeare
2 Charles Dickens
3 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
William Shakespeares work encompassed tragedy comedy in fact everything right across the board,and is enjoyed in almost every country round the world.
Students say that his character the Jewish money lender Shylock demanding his pound of flesh is as true today as it was then, bankers will always be bankers i guess.
Charles Dickens character the Jewish thief and fence Fagin, is so apt and still a very recognisable figure in the life of today, Dickens friend Georgina Hogarth tells us that a Jew promised to publish Dickens books but stole the money put up for the task.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on whose work Sherlock Holmes every detective story since has been based, still captures the imagination of young and old, but not many people know that Sherock Homes methods were used in the long running and perplexing George Edalji case, Conan Dole originally wanted the evil Moriarty character to be based on a local Jew, but his publishers persuaded him against this, but he did investigate the Jewish escapologist Houdini, and was about to expose that Houdini had several assistants in the audience and a body double, the Jews got their revenge by mocking Conan Dole over the Cottingley fairies case, this almost destroyed Conan Doyles reputation.
Kevin Field


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