Charles Del Campo – CNN

CharlesDelCampoTV asked:

Interview with former Illuminati Charles Del Campo


  1. faith

    How did he get out. That’s the solid gold question. Some are killed, others released. Why? I believe it has to do with the hidden war of the archangels. The interdemensional spirit world and your free will as a soul on earth. Some are fought for and set free. Bargained for by the angels. This for that. Or a all over fight to the death for a soul. They fought for me. For my soul and family and friends. Cheers to the Good guys.

  2. MrPiddlz17

    … and I thought this “Illuminati” stuff was fake. Heck, even CNN is covering this? And there’s a book? I guess it can’t be that fake. Besides, sounds like the dude in the video is pretty knowledgeable.

  3. charles del campo

    The video was taken out by the NSA and FBI due to its authentic contents of a world conspiracy for a New World Order by the USA. Search and Google my name in order to locate other videos before they are all removed and im murdered!

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