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ADAM WATT never saw it coming. While on remand at Silverwater jail in October, he was attacked from behind by another inmate swinging a metal sandwich press hidden in a pillowcase. The first blow knocked Mr Watt unconscious. As he lay motionless, his assailant took another swing, striking him in the head. The blows from the 5 kilogram appliance left Mr Watt with head injuries and tore off part of his right ear. He was given the last rites and underwent surgery. The attack was captured on the prison's CCTV. His assailant has not been charged. Mr Watt, 42, a three-time world champion kickboxer, is still in custody awaiting trial on drug conspiracy charges. Refusing him bail following the assault, a Supreme Court judge, Megan Latham, said appropriate Corrective Services procedures appeared to have been followed but, regrettably, violence between prisoners could not always be foreseen or prevented. Craig Behr did not survive a prison assault. The 24-year-old was fatally bashed in Long Bay in 2004, soon after being locked in a cell with an inmate, Michael Heatley, who had previously expressed homicidal urges. The Supreme Court judge who jailed the killer for 14 years found Behr was placed in Heatley's cell ''as a consequence of both systemic and individual failures'' - 1 JAN 2010


  1. wrxsti1968

    Joshy5101 & aussietuff ,Janx has done the hard yards in jail, while Adam sat on his arse and sold drugs with the police. Good super hero you have. Very nice person Adam is, how many people has he destroyed. Greedy , uncivilzed animal. Adam Watt sneak goes Janx in the cell while Jonny Vizza holds the door jammed for him. Trial starts Mon 30 July , Parra District CRT, truth will come out. Adam has the audacity to sue the corrective services, well thy will be informed, why about some animal that i

  2. wrxsti1968

    Hi joshy5101 & aussietuff, Janx would take u on n the ring. Why don’t u find out the facts and then speak up. The remarks u made are so flippant, you have made a fool of yourselves. Adam snuck go Janx, he has no ball bag as u put it, a

  3. wrxsti1968

    Aussietuff, are you kidding , calling yourself that, your a joke, lol. Or reaction, court case Monday. Adam sneaky poof, tried to choke Janx from behind, signs all the paperwork to intell , John “small man” Vizza signed paperwork too. Then crys, when he got it back in the same style. Adam the sneaky poof, performed his sneak go in his cell, Vizza held the door from outside, Janx still got out, now who’s the man you flippant imbocile.

  4. wrxsti1968

    How are you pommie6799! Listen clearly you pommie gutter rat. It was ok for Adam to try strangle Janx from behind, the sly weak lowlife, when Janx evens up he sings out, now who’s the dog ? You and your bum boy mate Adam Watt. How long did you give in to him in the bed for his drugs. All night we hear !

  5. wrxsti1968

    Hi aussietuff, why call anyone a dog. Get a life and go to the court case 30 June , then you will see what a weak thing Adam Watt is. He started it with John Vizza, Janx had to defend himself. You say Adam will do anyone, well what about you big man ?

  6. defhead2

    Im in jail…..i come home to my wife everyday but you don’t see me hitting her with a heavy pillow case.

  7. l0OoD1GBY

    beentheredonethatm8 you wrote some inspiring stuff! Whoever you are mate, you seen to have taken away the right lesson from all your experiences! Congrats bro. Respect.

  8. l0OoD1GBY

    After Adam Watt lived in Japan for 2 years doing it hard core. He came back to Australia with 2 world titles and I was the first cab off the rank. He won TKO 3

  9. rigoarreola88

    Tat shit aint the “kickboxing ring” tats prison anything gos in their more then likely the “kickboxer” was running his mouth and got smashed on still tat was a bitch move

  10. mickey ray

    listen maggots adam thought he was untouchable tried to run the show in the wing and got crushed…
    this aint a boxing ring with refs CLOWNS. Gronks talkin shit when they dont know shit.
    He should have kept his back to the wall after a fight because Woolo brothers are the craziest.
    anyways unlucky adam better luck next time.
    Bill Olsen isnt black ya redneck dogs……

  11. optimusimperat

    one way to reduce violence in prison is to remove the gym. it should be common sense that they should not be allowed to build up strength like a muscle builder that is a point of intimidation in prisons. 95% or more of most people outside prison don’t work out – most prisoners, then, would not miss a thing if you remove their gym rights.

  12. ObiTeninch

    I’m not some internet tough guy, or even trying to sound like one, but seriously, if you’ve got a metal object in a pillow case and you whack a motherfucker on the back of the head, you’re a full-on bitch. Seriously, be a motherfucking man and look him in the eye before you kill his ass. Pussy.

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