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PYX106 in Albany, NY, a Clear Channel station, is overwhelmed with calls of chemtrails covering the skies on the morning of June 6, 2011. Demand truth!


  1. TheSpitmitt

    Yes flouride is totally poison. You can buy flouride free water at water stores. Its 5 cents a gallon here in Los Angeles. Chemtrails are completely poison.

  2. McLovin9237

    I have noticed that they seem to just linger, they really don’t move. If it was just contrails wouldn’t they move? Ive been watching the same one for about 30 minutes and it hasn’t moved its just got bigger.

  3. McLovin9237

    We all assume the worst just because we don’t know what the purpose is but couldn’t it possibly be for a good reason? Maybe they know something we don’t and this will save us from something that is happening or will happen. I don’t know but it is strange none the less and we deserve to know the facts.

  4. TorontoBoi

    3:11 i wish you wouldn’t put a pic of a water bomber plane, it ruins the credibility of the other pics to those new to the chemtrail phenomenon.

  5. lifelovemusic2009

    this has 1000% more views then your other vids. this should tell you that the people are learning…

  6. lifelovemusic2009

    warning….. sunstorm in the late summer.
    Do you really think they should tell you that you might die????

  7. promeitheus

    Surely they’d be hiding in their underground fortresses. Area 51 perhaps? The pentagon is definitely much taller than what is exposed above ground. Norad? I hear they’ve been busy in the Colorado Rockies, as of late. It makes sense, being that their missiles are made down on the front- range, in bloomfield maybe? Somewhere round there

  8. roblwsn420

    When Obama care kicks in, I’ll see if I can get my blood tested. I know I took it in. I coulndt breath for a week during Obamas assult in the sky. :)

  9. TheAussienews

    Why let them spray you, They will put Anthrax or a bio weapon over you one day and you will think nothing of it. They will blame the terrorists then use the TSA and Homeland security to process the survivors in the camps you already have, Then they will dispose of the dead in the coffin liners they already have, They already have the borders covered. I just wish their was more i could do but people will not listen. Blood test for Strontium, Aluminum and Barium and do something about it.

  10. TheAussienews

    I checked your vids and subbed. The chemicals to get tested for in the blood are Strontium, Aluminum,Barium. People are getting extremely high levels in their blood.
    YouTube search (Barium the Blood: Chemtrails? Version No music)

  11. Antipodean33

    Did you get bothered by someone saying you have a receding hairline over this issue? Did that really upset you? If thats the case, whatever you do don’t go down this rabbithole, it will be severely depressing for you. I’m not just talking about this chemtrail biz (which btw i’m not convinced about) i’m talking the whole US zio nwo central banking wars based on lies etc etc

  12. Antipodean33

    I’m not saying i believe this or don’t believe, as i have no concrete evidence. My question is, if this is poisoning us, wouldn’t it be poisoning the perpertrators also?

  13. TheAussienews

    You to mate, Its obvious we care about people that’s all, Even enough to loose credibility with some but they will find out later that your not in it for $ or to be popular, I mean there are much easier ways to do that.
    I watched your uploads and you have extreme activity there. I see you have children i think, Get them tested and its good to have an early test for later comparison. Start learning about natural health here (HerbsPlusBeadWorks) Channel Tony is good and knows all this.

  14. roblwsn420

    your a smart guy with damn good advice. TY I need to hear that. someone said to me yeasterday that I was a 32yr old loser with a receding hairline over this issue. Kinda felt bad. If you get a chance, I have 3 uploads I filmed myself on my channel and yesterday I caught another jet chemtrailing over my house once again. saving it for a longer video. TY once again I will take ur advice. :)

  15. TheAussienews

    Your not crazy, Don’t let em beat you. We know you know.
    Knowledge is power, The pen is mightier than the sword sign petitions, Join active groups, Keep posting blogs with links. At the end of the day it is a numbers game. Get together and form some good friends have fun doing it, There is no need for standing on the street yelling out and looking crazy with a sign around you. That worked in the 60s but not now. Just get people have a BBQ and talk about it bringing others in. This is for all

  16. TheAussienews

    For a start signal the on line partitions get involved in groups that have already started, Unite the groups post in blogs and add links to good info, Everybody can do something,
    It was written that we would be persecuted for lack of knowledge so spread the knowledge till we become the mass. At the end of the day this is a numbers game. If you want to be more active then develop a presentation and have seminars must be knowledgeable, I recommend joining a group. Enjoy and have fun doing it.

  17. TheAussienews

    Yes i’m serious, Like they usually do they start off building up the normality of it all so everyone has come to except that chem trails after some time are normal because they are everywhere and they haven’t killed us yet. So they are basically excepted. Then yes the Bio weapons come into play maybe even over night as they do spray our Sky’s at night as well. Then blame Terrorists, then lock us all up into camps to be processed and filtered for national security. its happened before

  18. beardyboo

    Education my friend. Problem is, no matter how much proof you show most of the sheeple, they will still say its normal :-( Keep the faith brother

  19. polygamous1

    its always the same mate didn’t they call the man who first said the earth a round crazy?
    its all over the world not just the usa n they are also poisonin the soil in the end only GE crops will grow fer eating GE crops for soe times it kills the friendl acteria tat helps humans dies fod n ppl will die rom starvation wi a somach full of food is started happening in sometropical islands where the coconut shells are soft as cheese the few nutters running hre world r hell bend on destroying humanity

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