Brainwashing and the BNP

julaybib asked:

Winn, D. (1983) The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination (London: Octagon Press) - and see also:


  1. julaybib

    Dear Viewers – COMMENTS held for moderation will NO LONGER BE POSTED ON THIS VIDEO. Sifting the extreme racist from the generally abusive is TIME CONSUMING and TEDIOUS. Get your own YouTube channel and post your comments there.

  2. rubysson57

    Why then everytime I leave a comment on a UAF propaganda site do they email me with threats to rape my children and cut my throat. Sorry, but you for all your good intentions, you need a few custard tarts thrown at you by Sally James and Chris Tarrant and Lennie Henry.

    Man charged over eggs thrown at Baroness Warsi Crime, UK The Independent

    One law for them and one the BNP. Notice also that this ‘protester’ does not have a a Muslim name.

  3. m1aws

    @julaybib, it seems you are correct. Most quotes to this were written with a question mark. Most against, sometime by your UAF’ers. nonetheless. The quote fits perfectly. Proof? Watch yourselves shouting and chanting when BNP’ers have a table in some town. Dragging in NEETS and EMO’s. All of them, war mules to crowd the public away from whats going on. The public see you and then WANT to be rid of you. You are like the Hitler youth, mussies students. You are the BNP’s best billboard. Oh irony.

  4. julaybib

    @m1aws I gather you’ve been telling everyone Churchill said: “The new Fascists will call themselves anti-fascists.” Sadly, no one has yet supplied a source for this quote (the BNP are quite good at making up this kind of bollocks, it’s an old trick). So full details of the source for your Churchill quote, please, so I can confirm it.

  5. m1aws

    @julaybib Churchill stated: “The new Fascists will call themselves anti-fascists”. I always listen to the bully because he will accuse his victim of what he most despises in himself. You know this, it cannot be denied. BNP do answer political points but reality is lost on the UAF etc. Jerry Gable is slated “to be able to see nazi architecture in a kindergarten sandpit”. (Telegraph). I never judge people by any name but by their actions. Local (to me) BNP are old ppl. The UAF’ers are nasty.

  6. julaybib

    @m1aws I’m aware of NLP and employ some of its insights in classroom management, but everything you say about it, and your assertions regarding my video, are paranoid nonsense. And if you think the BNP don’t hammer home political points, you’re deluded. However, you’re correct that anti-Nazis are seeking to hammer home a message – that is, fascists have a history of masquerading as respectable in order to gain power. That’s the BNP’s great game at the moment and its all but exposed

  7. m1aws

    Using a sense of humour pulls people into your game.
    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques are all over the internet.
    The UAF state the same “old” time and time again.. Not noticed? The BNP sites are overrun with information. They can never go on an on and on. Like your lot do.
    Mentioning eyes…Pulling planks out…. NLP. Nice try, bad fail.

  8. Thewizard22uk

    Ahhh, I see, A converted Muslim who has joined so he’ll be one of the last to be beheaded…What a phucking idiot!
    UAF claimed a victory in Bolton yet most UAF members was arrested also.

    Remember (whilst quoting books that suit you…Churchill said “Facism will return in the guise of anti-facism”
    Guess you’ll not believe these sayings tho’ being a Muslim intent on destroying Europe.
    Just like Hitler, Got people to believe him and took it from there.

  9. zephiloyd

    @julaybib Bin laden and Al Qaeda are both CIA. High level freemasons planned the destruction of britain over 100 years ago to make way for the new world order, by bringing in immigrants. They knew this would cause conflict amongst the people, this was their intention, it is a well established tactic used over and over called “divide and conquer”. Tony Blair and his fabian society mason budies arranged the London bombings in 2005, and framed the muslims for it, they are very clever and very evil.

  10. cadburyCrisscross

    Aah, a professional educator, and he’s got the brainwashing book.
    I knew it was true.

  11. EDL4England

    Oh here we go again. Another white, derranged marxist converting to islam, why feel the need to change your religion exactly?

    I can’t even be bothered to watch this video past 7 seconds which it’s paused at, since I know your just going to spew out a load of marxist crap.

  12. julaybib

    Fascinating! The BNP vision of “corrupt world twisting peoples minds” -versus- “we know the truth” is EXACTLY the same as the one professed by that minuscule minority of Muslims who support Osama bin Liner. Deep down, BNP and al-Qaeda are basically the same – the world is a threat and the only solution is for everyone to become like them. See also Pol Pot. How long before al-Qaeda learn to goose-step and Nazis start wearing pink turbans??

  13. BNPCrusade

    In fact you exhibit the classic brainwashed mind in that you do not actually know what the BNP stand for and yet you are simply functioning from the conditioning that you have been fed via the various establishment sources.

  14. BNPCrusade

    You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. In fact you will find that the passive mind is receptive to brainwashing, rarely the active mind. Therefore BNP supporters take an active interest in politics, whereas scum on the left are generally passive and simply react to information they are fed via the corrupt media and the corrupt establishment.

  15. Andyj

    I am anti-illuminati.
    Which means I’m also anti-Fabian.
    Which in turn makes me anti-One-world-Government and therefore anti-“We’re gonna rule the World!” MUSLIM!

    The trouble with kids today is not education, (Not enough of it) but indoctrination. They are brain trained, directed, coerced. Why do you think the army grabs ’em young? Why do you think the left wing establishment prefers to employ left wing “teachers”?


    I wonder if this julaybib knows any of his muslim friends procuring sex with non muslim girls, drugging then raping them and shaming/ forcing them into prostitution? All of a sudden his left wing masters are admitting they knew about it all along. And they should be imprisoned for it!

    Back in Oldham at the hustings after Chaytor was kicked out for being a liar over racism. The liebour incumbent got the police to kick out the BNP guy who never said a thing!

    Smacks of places like: Iran, Burma, Cuba, Central Africa, Zimbabwe and Britain to me.

    The BNP do not need to use brainwashing. They simply tell the truth. Doesn’t work with kids though.

  16. 2DRonaldo

    BNPtards can’t think for themselves, they hide behind their stereotypes to brandish anyone that disagrees with them a Lefty/Muslim/UAF/Marxist/Maoist/Reptillian Alien etc.

    If they can’t be bothered to read a book on World History, Bio-Diversity, Political Philosphy and a whole wealth of other intellectual literature then they should just shut the fuck up.

    Their Party is going nowhere, Griffin has openly admitted it, Andrew Brons has recently admitted it.
    All those that were once Griffin’s best mates in office admit it.

    Carry on associating Muslim’s with Child Rapists while ignoring the Catholic Child Sex Scandels.
    Nobody buys any of your shit you emotionally crippled tosspots.

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