BP oil workers clean the beach but leave a lot behind and under the sand. Impossible to get it all.

dianaserdenstephens asked:

Diana Stephens films BP clean up crews cleaning Pensacola Beach. The workers use hand tools (shovesl, rakes, sifters, scoops) to sift through the scattered tar balls. It's very hot out and these people have a tedious task to do, but they are instructed not to dig under the sand. I was able to walk behind them and dig up tar balls in the freshly cleaned areas.


  1. kpripper2004

    I teach the Hazmat class that they have to have before they are alowed to work. Theres 2000 employees hired, and no oil in panama city. Bp came in and said what the hell, stop hiring people. Pensacola has already messed up and used tractors to try and clean the oil after BP told them not to, and the tractors pushed the oil down deeper. We get weathered oil, which doesnt sink into the sand and is relatively harmless..

  2. gonediscin

    @MyDadsRubberBroke I didn’t know that it pays! Shoot I was going to volunteer also. Ha finally a job worth doing, to bad it took a tragedy.

  3. MyDadsRubberBroke

    What a CROCK! It looks like a bunch of lazy mo-fo’s hanging out for a paycheck. The oil thats out there, hasn’t even begun to hit the shores. The money is being spent on this BS. UNreal

  4. TonyUnplugged

    They should be using a larger tool like a swimming pool skimmer. I wonder what the hourly wage is for the pooper scooper guys.

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