Billionaire Kevin Trudeau: An Elitist Speaks Out

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Uploaded for his point of view. Decide for yourself whether he's for real or if it's a con. Billionaire Kevin Trudeau Interview from the Alex Jones Radio Show -


  1. DOVE218

    kevin is no different then Harold Camping he took money from people who trust him..and everyone i have talk to has lost money trusting him and his crap

  2. wetlazer

    The last part about America and Germany I really agree with. My sense is that it’s the Right though, not the Left. I also believe this slide began with Newt Gingrich and it is getting worse.

  3. miketonon

    @JoshcsPhillips, I agree with you on everything, except about Trudeau himself. I don’t know that he’s sincere or not. I take him for what he is, just another human being. Be careful not to give any human being too much credit. Throughout history, many people once thought of as hero’s were later revealed as something less.

  4. leemehan

    @JoshcsPhillips I wouldn’t waste my money to make him rich for his scams! I don’t need to buy and read his books to find out if he is an honest Bob! You would believe in such advice of wearing all white and jumping on a trampoline will help prevent disease! I guess that prevents cancer and all the other diseases! I really wonder sometimes! This guy is not a doctor and no credentials what so ever! I guess he magically knows all this sacred info that nobody else does! Some good stuff ur smoking

  5. theZodiacDigital

    @JoshcsPhillips trudeau is a con man, he cons sick people with BS cures. it’s the same as faith healing. it doesn’t really work.

  6. JoshcsPhillips

    @theZodiacDigital Really or are you just saying that ’cause you’re ignorant like the majority of the dumb people in America? And vinegar does work!

  7. JoshcsPhillips

    @miketonon He’s not a scammer, he explains why he was attacked, he’s not the first one. His books are telling the truth, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. We need to quit being brainwashed by the media and government and take time to do our own research instead of wasting our time and breath on dissing people like Kevin who really does care about us the people of this country

  8. JoshcsPhillips

    @leemehan They do work sorry to pop your bubble. Have you actually read his books, they do work, we live in a regime, and I’m glad he wrote these books, he wrote them not to get rich, but to help us THE PEOPLE. Such ignorance

  9. OrthodoxDarwinist


    I have read the history of Kevin Trudeau, including his excessively long record of financial fraud and deceit, that’s enough for me. I don’t support shysters of this calibre in any way, nor am I willing to waste my time listening to morally bankrupt people like him.

  10. JoshcsPhillips

    @OrthodoxDarwinist You’re just ignorant. Read his books, he’s telling the truth. Do your research take time to read his books. They have them at the library for FREE! IDIOTS!

  11. KShineofRLK

    @mrJME99 I understood your point. You’re right about people having to get info of that “idiot box” and assume everything the media/government throws at them is true without questioning the media/government. I stopped watching tv long ago. I’m glad I did. I don’t trust our government anymore. I’ve learned a lot of information over the years about what “they” are doing to this country and the rest of the world. It’s sickening if you ask me. I just wish there was a way to stop this NWO agenda.

  12. mrJME99

    @KShineofRLK What I don’t understand? Sorry, I think you missed my point. I agree with everything else you said. It may not be a question of people don’t understand, but the fact is people think they already know everything because the local government, news reports, or MTV told them it is the truth. People do not question knowledge and do not research everything to see if it is factual or not. People will just regurgitate the popular belief and pass it off as their own.

  13. KShineofRLK

    @mrJME99 I feel you and what people don’t understand is that the government is trying to silence Kevin Trudeau and demonizing him using the mainstream media to spread disinformation on Kevin by saying he is a criminal by selling HARMLESS natural remedies and providing information on health benefits of organic foods and nutrients. Do these people have a flipping clue about what’s in their food and how the pharmaceutical industry is profiting off of sick Americans! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  14. mrJME99

    All the people that comment on why you should not listen to Kevin Trudeau because he is a convicted felon……YOU ARE THE 2/3 OF THE DUMB PEOPLE THEY ARE GETTING OFF THE PLANET. Bye bye dumb, dumbs!

    Nobody cares what you retards think, I guess you guys already know everything and you are not willing to listen or to learn anything new.

    Kevin and Alex are telling you to use your brain, try it! Listen and learn.

  15. OrthodoxDarwinist

    Kevin Trudeau is a convicted criminal and fraudster who has spent time in jail for fraud and larceny. SO why would we believe him on this?

  16. PawSoxMom

    I think the genetics that need to go and will go is that of the ruling class and other negative energy that wants to align with that kind of thinking. They have intermarried for so long they suffer from a lot of inbred mental illness. I think the ruling class is the lineage of the nephalim and they are destined to fall.

  17. leemehan

    @audiservant You know what the word con man means? There is a reason why the word con man exists! Wonder if you have an ounce of brains! You obviously don’t because it really tells me what type of person I am dealing with if you believe in this guy! Trudeau has been caught in so many lies it is not even funny! You gotta wonder why he started writing books all of a sudden! Why didn’t he write books before? Maybe cause he was banned for selling products and found a new way to scam to make money!

  18. Audiservant

    @leemehan I never compared him directly to Martin Luther King Jr. What you should really question is the prison system itself, which is under a lot of scrutiny recently by anyone with a brain. Anyway, replying any further about such stuff on a character-limited Internet soap box is like chilling in a room with someone to have a discussion yet responding at a rate of 1 month per response. So goodbye!

  19. MJFslovak

    What a smart guy, get facts and throw them in with your book.

    I could make up a scam similar to this in a enough time.

  20. leemehan

    @audiservant LOL! How can you people be so gullible and ignorant? It really blows my mind that so many people can’t see through a guy like this! Kevin Trudeau went to prison because of his scams and lies. Don’t know why you are comparing Marin Luther King Jr. to Kevin Trudeau? Never a fraud in the first place? LOL! THERE IS A REASON WHY he was banned from selling products by the FTC. Not just for the hell of it! Because none of his products work! Just like 90% of the “AS SEEN ON TV” crap! LOL!

  21. Audiservant

    @leemehan *yawn*. Martin Luther King Jr. went to prison. Stop relying on sensationalism and straw sight. Also, you base your arguments on that there is no environment to influence people’s actions. Fortunately, he was never a fraud in the first place, and had only acted upon his rights — in order to, at that, provide consumers historically accurate information that mainstream health officials considered subversive. …Everyone, watch recent Trudeau shows, form your own findings for who he is.

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