1. Adreneline420

    Wouldn’t it be great if the news reported on things like voting record and truth instead of these silly things!

  2. Gothorochimaru

    You’re right. And if I’m not mistaken, he was the only Catholic president ever. There might have been tie-ins with the Mafia or even the Illuminati. Kennedy threatened to go public with a lot of secrets, and I think someone wanted him out of the way.

  3. CloudBMX

    although i’m not american, i know about JFK and i believe that to. i think that’s why he was assasined. i don’t know to much. but the fact that he was assasined makes me believe he was not corrupt, thus he was killed by the corrupt. :) correct me if i’m wrong.

  4. libertyordeath2009


    AND THE GREAT LIE. find these books and read them. Available from the publishing

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  5. MsBaddKitty13

    People are so easily manipulated not to question things. When people start questioning it, they’re either stupid or just plan crazy. People just need to open they’re eyes.

  6. Gothorochimaru

    Still lookin for the vid of which president WASNT an illuminati…I’ve got my money on JFK.

  7. soylentcowflops

    This is the stupidest shit I have ever seen on Youtube. The Mystical Jews!! OMG everyone lookout! Fucking pathetic.

  8. burdonwilliams

    racist, sensationalist, and insane. geopolitics are probably too complicated to be explained by the theory of a fat man from alabama.

  9. MaTtRoSiTy

    The problem is not the ‘jew’ it goes deeper than the common Jew. This is just smoke and mirrors type of thing. Ashkenazi are the nasty guys intrenched in all secret societies. You go Jew hating and that plays into their hands – they want this.

  10. 76Miraculix

    Burn the New World Order, or Humanity gets to a ever living pain!!!!!!! Burn them all! Concerns Lobbyists!!!

  11. TurtlesandWolves

    If Obama is such a Zionist then why did Bibi call Emanuel and Ax. “self hating Jews?”

    Any responses?

  12. MaTtRoSiTy

    This is true – please pay attention to the comments on Kaballah as this is the most relevant to all we call masonry or the NWO. I am amazed that this vid has slipped through as I know the wrath of censorship on the tube. Remember this is not all the info but is on the right path at the start – believe what you want, and belive nothing in full!

  13. wildcardof2008

    No, people just don’t realize how freely they are allowed to subliminally message you. You’re given free will but, they are given the right to art to wash you in the the heard. Because, the goats are the ones with the greener grass than the sheep’s they heard.

  14. slayyyyn

    som chrisitans think the antichrist will be the head of the european union in the future. som say its chinaa and others say its radical islam.

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