Alex Jones: ‘The Koch Brothers’ and the False Left Right Paradigm

axis4peace3 asked:

Thank you BadBoy: Throughout history we will find that the connection to most of what we have all been led to believe will most assuredly always be connected to the Templars, and their organization has MANY branches, particularly the Mother Mason, who is the Queen, and there are many "orders". Just to name a few, The Order of the Garter, or better known as the "Committee of the 300" Its members include most if not all of the royal British family along with, many peers of the realm including Lord Rothschild, as well as other European nobility, and a slew of other wealthy individuals scattered across Europe and America. Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath (Inner Core of The Committee of 300 also Knights of the Garter)Order of the Garter is the core of the Committee Of 300 (aka Olympians). Queen Elizabeth II is the leader of this organization. Order of Osiris This was for his leadership in the Gulf War, when he sent American solders to die for England's interest of their petroleum in Kuwait. General Colin Powell and General Norman Schwarzkopf were given also lower order of knighthoods. Lord Peter Carrington, who is a member of the satanic Order of Osiris and other demonic groups is a member of the Order of the Garter. Prince Charles Coat of Arms: Symbol The Jesuits, or better known as the "Jesus Society" ...


  1. snazzyXcore

    the funny thing is that all of you who are arguing on here are talking about aligning yourselves or not with one person or another. if you listen to alex jones, he presents information and lets you disseminate it. if you look at the progression of the “tea party” movement, it started as a grassroots movement of reminding people what this country was founded on. it has been co-opted by the neo-cons and the mainstream media. “tea party” is just a generalization. i believe in the constitution.

  2. esc1127

    No don’t call them Teabaggers, just try to explain to them how they are being used by the Kochs, sometimes there are a few that listen.

  3. kelpop12

    You guess you were right. It’s sad that you are so hung up on jones, maybe you’re the fanboy. Much of his info is important, particularly for those who are new to this stuff, it is important to keep moving though, getting stuck on one persons info can be counter productive. I think you should move on and stop obsessing about Alex. Oh, one more thing, take off those rediculas glasses, we can’t see what part of alex’s body you’re looking at as you obsess over him.

  4. axis4peace3

    My guess was right
    The one video you have uploaded is AJ
    I have qualified my arguement now you qualify yours

  5. axis4peace3

    no because evidently as the video shows he missed out the Kock brothers and made them out to be not so bad and shouldn’t have been included in the book. why? The Soros Trilateralists he focuses on are bad but why dismiss evidence from the book when these same people created the controlled the Tea Party, likely to be behind Trump and daddy helped Stalin. My guess your a AJ fan boy?

  6. wabfunk

    @wabfunk And one more thing ….. Matt Drudge, who, AJ has been singing the praise of so much recently – is another SUBVERSIVE, that Americans NEED to be so, so, so aware of because he is just as, if not more dangerous as a media equivalent to the Koch brothers – much worse than AJ because Drudge has direct links to all three current major american government entities(dems, reps and TP’s) AS WELL AS – the Kneset through BOTH his parents and family. At least AJ “tries” to play blissfully unaware

  7. MrKillswitch88

    Great more Ron Paul nuts, hey what the hell happened to the truth movement while all you Paulheads fantasized over restoring the American dream and your horde of metals?

  8. wabfunk

    Thats right.This has and always will be my biggest problem with AJ.He picks & chooses his battles too carefully with in my mind qualifies him as a SUBVERSIVE.

    The Koch brothers are beyond any shadow of a doubt, are some of THE most dangerous people on face of this planet. They’ve bought up the prison, arms, media, transport and many, many more industries not to mention, the Environmental Scam, Carbon credit industries. I’m not saying Jones is a shill but he certainly behaves like one.

  9. MetalHeadViking

    @axis4peace3 I´ll see if I can find a good link. Craig Oxley had some good info on that. Calling him “a jesuit stooge”. I don´t know if he is a mason, but he seems to have ties to the French Grand Lodge. A supporter of Rome, yet not the jesuits (or at least not openly). Not to forget he supports central banking as well and is a collectivist.

  10. MetalHeadViking

    @axis4peace3 okej, but the same way AJ uses the TP could be the same way you used LaRouche or William Cooper EIR and so on.

  11. axis4peace3

    BTW have you got these LaRouche links showing he is a both a freemason and his particular lodge?

  12. axis4peace3

    Furthermore, I am no respector of FDR who helped put the seal on the back of the US $1 and helped cause Pearl Harbour to happen.
    The Knoh brothers are just supporters of one of the false paradigm of the political left right

  13. axis4peace3

    has promoted Lyndon LaRouche – I don’t support Lyndon; I have used some material from them in the same way that William Cooper used material from their EIR. I also have less respect for Lyndon since he appeared on the Alex Jones show
    The Tea Party here mentioned isn’t the one created in the begining by genuine grassroots types but the one taken over by Koch Neo Cons. I recall putting up a video on this matter months ago where one of the founders left
    and called it a joke

  14. MetalHeadViking

    Another BS vid from Axis. Ron Paul created the Tea Party, not the Koch brothers. Allot of hypocracy comming from some one who has promoted Lyndon LaRouche, a known jesuit with ties to the french lodge of freemasonry and a long time follower of illuminist FDR.

  15. kelpop12

    Jones talks frequently about the how the real tea party, the Ron Paul, freedom, constitution tea part, has been coopted by the false right, the neo cons ect.
    You’re videos attacking Jones are based on paper thin arguments and they are dishonest and destructive, which i’m guessing is your goal.

  16. Dt0x75

    Jones sits on the extreme religious right…All CT’s do… Ive noticed that ANY CT you criticize Israel for their terrorist acts against the Arabs they try to impale you and when you point out the TRUE reasons behind 9/11 they start with the Inside Job crap… Its a distraction from the truth thats all it is.. The religious right does NOT want you to know that US support for Israel is why the people in the world hate the US.

  17. Dt0x75

    I knew the TP had huge Corp backers… I knew it as soon as I saw where the TP Rally where I live was being held… They rented a Baseball Stadium… Who has that kind of money?…

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