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DAVID ICKE Talks To ALEX JONES About ILLUMINATI Reality MANIPULATION!! Alex talks with British writer and public speaker David Icke. David is the author of n...


  1. 111333364427

    If any of you want Palestine covered by unbiased and uncensored media or you want our politicans to be seen for what they really are by the masses of people. Support The People’s Voice the soon to be new 24/7 internet, radio and t.v station based in the UK which will cover all the crimes commited by politicians and help spread awareness about the powers that be!

    LINK HERE /watch?v=QMkWf78lGHs


  2. spopple88

    Hes not that bad when hes talking normally but he gets into annoying nonsensical shouting fits that make him seem like a twat.

  3. Joao Mahmud

    Alex needs to let people talk and finish sentences. WTF?? I’m surprised David Icke didn’t just end the interview. That shit is so rude.

  4. summer jones

    This is all a battle. A battle within u within cultures within the world within the universe. So much is at work here. Those who r good will have good spirits guiding them just like evil has evil entities guiding them. Take all the info and decide for yourself….

  5. Jason Smallwood

    I came to Jesus after messing around with witchcraft/magic/sourcery and having some intense supernatural experiences.
    demons are real and Jesus is the son of God.

  6. Jason Smallwood

    Truth mixed with lies here. “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves” Matt 7:15, Jesus is the way.

  7. David Jones

    Really like Alex Jones show especially when David icke is on. Just wish the show was not so fucking rushed… and Alex let people talk grrrrrrrrr

  8. headcase01

    Jones is so annoying, the last voice that should be on a microphone. Icke seems to have perfected his lip-smacking technique as well. Other than that, the words spoken are well worth the aggravation.

  9. h - ethos

    An ad hominem is an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against their argument.[1] Ad hominem reasoning is normally described as an informal fallacy,[2][3][4] more precisely an irrelevance. Insulting cocain users as nutters is ignorant. Freud was a coke head, DMT Mckenna is a genius, Iggy Pop smack addict musical genius. Who the fuck are Beau Bridges and Richard Branson, not nearly as interesting as these 2 journo’s. Proof in a youtube vid is bullshit. SuperStrik9 is stoned.

  10. DraconSilvian

    David Icke. David Wilcock and David Parcerisa. this 3 Davids are a fraud I believed earlier in them but I already discovered his trick … it cheats fools. this Video is more real: /watch?v=1grre5NLTIs

  11. SuperStrik9

    All that snorting Icke. Back on the coke again lol? Would explain a lot of his insanity/paranoia over the years. Interviewing Arizona Wilder and taking her seriously? LMAO! That chick is batshit crazy!

  12. Baz Taylor

    Alex Jones is Beau Bridges, David Icke is Richard Branson… Together they spread absolute BULLSHIT! See wellaware1(dot)com for proof.

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