Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (5-14-14) Harry Dent

ConspiracyScope asked:

On this Wednesday, May 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the latest Obama scandal after thousands of immigrant murderers, rapists, kidnappers and other convicts were released...


  1. TEX10261

    holder is running sandy hoax,boston bombing hoax on behalf of obummer,bush
    and all the elite scum

  2. Tauna Loveless

    Your such a hack what a fear monger ya cause thats it dont have practice
    sets for possible nut cases , im glad your not in charge good lord we would
    be f—ed . you know i should walk around empty strange places and make up
    stuff . its for practice and id have alot more than one of them to practice
    for a possible event due to some crack pot group what a fool sucking
    hard earned money from americans with fear mongering coupled with some
    common views to gain support lmao .. years later ill remind people to see
    what you were saying oh wait just look back years gosh we are still here

  3. Monroe Madison

    This is what you get when Jews run the world. Jewish INternational bankers
    have hundreds of trillions. Money stolen from the government and of course
    running the media they put on TV what they want. So they know when to buy
    and sell stocks. When to purchase precious metals. Of course they stole the
    gold in the vaults of the trade towers. The truth be known we don’t have
    much gold. We sold it all.

  4. Monroe Madison

    Wake up a lot of people? What about those politicians that are supposed to
    do what we want and what is best for the people? They are losing track of
    trillions of dollars and before long they are going to be talking about
    real money. You can wake up all the soldiers you want. The government has
    plans for them. What you would think they would do is sneak into these
    places and destroy this shit.

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