Alex Jones – Secrets in Bohemian Grove

CorndogKing asked:

clip from martial law


  1. Cwilbourn1

    @AirZine12 yea he is smart he so smart he can sneak in the bohemian grove no he is smart smart at manipulating dumbasses like u i listened to a.j show for like a month did some research no fuck him u cant stop the nwo it is bible prophecy that will be fulfilled

  2. freakoutguitarsolo1

    this was a total white wash , you can’t sneak in there, i dare anyone to do it. actually i challenge all ppl to try, you can’t sneak in there to film, and ti’s not even molech , he’s a fucking liar man. he coverd up what really goes on in there, which is ritual satanism, and gay orgies…. yes that’s right, gay fucking orgies…. why does jones not talk about that. it’s real, this is a total white wash, i’ve been saying this since it came out. jones is prob one of them, he prays for violence

  3. upinarms79

    @Brewchief2002 You can bet your ass that you have every reason to be suspicious of many world leaders and politicians. You just have to be careful of whose conspiracy theory bandwagon you jump on, though. Disinformation abounds in our culture and especially on the internet. I’m not saying don’t be cautious but just use your head. Personally I believe that government agencies plant a lot of nonsense just to distract people from what’s real and keep people busy worrying about lizard men UFOs.

  4. Brewchief2002

    @upinarms79 Fair enough. I do find the cremation of care ritual troubling, but I suppose it is irrelevant to the political engineering and bad behavior that goes on at the bohemian grove. It (the ritual) could just be part of the entertainment the bohemians (actors) put on to amuse the fat cats. Though I am suspicious of political leaders and those that influence them, I agree that the bohemian club doesn’t suggest anything nefarious in itself.

  5. tinatyree03


  6. bluecoco99

    an example of what happens at the grove is a movie that tom cruise and nicole kidman have together…dont remember the name but this movie is illustrating the type of people that put themself in such degrating acts and activities

  7. trigot33

    @bluecoco99 correct – u know its funny, how todays mass is sitting glued to pop idol, britains got talent and americas got talent lol. Its like simon cowell is the “chosen one` to dumb down these ignorant fools who do nothing all day but idolise lifestyles that they will never achieve, and idol worshipping fools like robbie williams and other drug taking, sniffing “role models“ – i feel so sorry for those who will never see the light.

  8. csswafford

    moloch is also represented a s a bull, in thomas jeffersons house he has cattle heads that look exactly like moloch engraved in the walls. moloch is also in greek mythology he is goddes minervas pet. in the library of congress, there i a picture of minerva with her owl, hoding a scroll that lists all the traits of a good society NWO? i think!

  9. upinarms79

    @Brewchief2002 That’s just it. I don’t think anything sinister is going on. Not because of the rituals anyway. I think they’re just rich, eccentric, old men trying to play secret society. Politicians are always up to something sinister but playing “let’s pretend to be druids” in the woods has nothing to do with that. They’ve been doing drugs an male prostitutes since Roman times. I’m not condoning these actions, but I don’t see it as part of some NWO plot to help rule the world.

  10. Brewchief2002

    @upinarms79 Maybe, but taking part in sinister rituals, or abiding by while they they take place is condoning it. Someone faithful would feel the sense of wrong in its presence, as I believe there is a consequence to abiding by such behavior. It is bizarre, yes, but makes it worst is its sinister implications.

  11. upinarms79

    @asymmetricstudygroup It’s long been suggested that Alex Jones is a disinformation agent. It does seem a little convenient but who knows… I don’t think the attendees take most of this stuff as seriously as the conspiracy theorists do, even if they are up to shady things. I think they have too much power to care who knows these days.

  12. procommenter

    Herman Wouk is a member of the all-gay elitists’ retreat, along the Russian River, north of San Francisco known as the Bohemian Grove.

  13. asymmetricstudygroup

    I am impressed he avoided security ect. especially when you got Navy Seals, Delta Force, SAS, SAD units patrolling that area and managed to snap pictures of those human sacrifices and mill around undetected. Truly I tell you either the Most High was with him, or this smells fishy.

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