Alex Jones: ‘Fight the Black Helicopters With My Manliness Potion (Buy It Today!)’

Sam Seder asked:

Alex Jones has a hard hitting breaking special report called "The War on Male Vitality Exposed" and...oh wait, it's just an informercial to promote his product "Inforwars Life: Super Male Vitality"...


  1. larsoveful

    irs probobly testosterone in the bottles and they feel great after a few
    days and when they stop taking this stuff they are shut down and feel
    horrible and get fat as fuck,I see a lawsuit in the future.

  2. Martin Rayner

    Apparently it’s based on a formula devised by the 16th century alchemist
    Paracelsus. I shit you not. Jones also sells a wide range of products aimed
    at the paranoid nutjob consumer to protect them from fluoride,
    radio-frequency waves, “sick” buildings, etc. Kind of surprised he doesn’t
    have is own Prison Planet branded tin foil hats for sale.

  3. Hazy Hills

    So… if somebody takes this, does his dick become erect while he watches
    Illuminati videos?

  4. Shawn Powell

    Jones has learned from brother Beck, selling crap to your audience is where
    the REAL money is.

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