Alex Jones – Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1

tygressjanie asked:

Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1 of 12 This is the infamous bohemian grove crashing by Alex Jones in it's entirety. Watch the film from start to finish as Alex goes on the trip to Bohemian Grove and documents the journey there. He interviews people on the street about their take on the subject, and sits in for the "party," an occult pagan ritual carried out by our so-called "leaders" who perform a "mock" sacrifice to a giant statue of an owl.


  1. new9876

    ow come alex jones can talk about this subject and not get assassinated? like ever1 else that talks about secret societies and illuminatie

  2. usmc762

    I AGREE, Alex Jones is the MAN! i’d be scared to walk in there, but this guy did have the balls to do that…lol Alex Jones for Congessman…lol.

  3. UnH3rd

    I doubt many people actually know of this, we are programmed from birth to disregard things out of the norm.

  4. tylorjames4

    @Gravelandart You are a sad, sad individual. I feel sorry for your ignorant ass, lol. You need help. TSCO420 said it best… GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!

  5. TSCO420

    @Gravelandart get ur head out of ur ass and try explaining, wut credibility do u have? were are ur facts?

  6. Artfryne

    sorry, the west got it COMPLETELY wrong.
    no one in their right mind wants this continual hellish existence and war. this is all caused by the western sphere.

  7. Spectrumusik

    Black people? Hmmm lets analyze this. White people so called Europeans came to the Americas and murdered about 70 million indians, if not more. Stole land, gold, natural resources. Add to that Black Slavery which killed about 95 million blacks or more. So you tell me Where is justice? Who buys drugs or make guns? White man.

  8. Gravelandart

    Alex Jones is a fraud. White people are being murdered by blacks everyday in this society, this multiracial mess. And Alex Jones teaches his listeners that the NWO is promoting racism. NO–the NWO is promoting the genocide of the white race! David Duke is the real voice of the resistance.

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