1. Hammerhead547

    Alex Jones is a self righteous crank and opportunistic scumbag who thinks that everything including the cessation of production of his favorite candy bar is a conspiracy.


  2. BoldRepublic

    I don’t believe in government. I believe in the people.
    So — What are you doing to change things?
    Or are you just chasing conspiracies?

  3. LordIam1

    Man you better stop believing in this Government! It isn’t hard to find some actors in the community to play along. There are things that bothered me as strange about the Colorado shooting from the start. It is our Human connection with the Universal Consciousness. We are tied to it and when we feel something ain’t right, that is our tip from the Universe, a terrestrial tap on the shoulder. Of course if you refuse to listen to it, you will remain a fool for this Government!

  4. hiesen666

    Way to make a video aimed at discrediting someone with your zero facts haha. All you did was make fun of him and call him and his followers names. Your a straight geek and nobody cares what you have to say haha.

  5. MmustanggsCorral

    He should start by talking from a point of FACTS and not WHAT IFS! Someone should send him some more tinfoil to wrap around his head! :-/

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