Alabama Mayor: We’re Still in Shock

AssociatedPress asked:

The mayor of Samson, Alabama, says it will be a while for his town to recover from the shootings that left at least nine people dead. (March 11)


  1. Kokoda144

    i dont know why he is shocked, the amount poeple with guns eventualy some ones gonna get the shits at work/home and kill every one.

  2. sammygirlable

    this is my old hometown and hi clay its diannes daughter thats the guy in da blue shirt the mayor :)

  3. takebackpower

    This is SAD…
    But think about how many people Die Everyday in Iraq.. over a Million Civilians

    Watch this is Gonna b a Poster for Gun Control..

    They Should Ban Whatever Drug he Was On!!!!

    Watch theres some Govt. involved .. He prob was part of some CIA mind Control..

    Google it “MK Ultra”

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