1. jimdog365

    @ForestdaGump Hey fatso, you still havn’t answered my question. Why are there only 2 fountains when 3 fell on 9/11? Because 7 is the smoking gun, and they want you to forget about it completely. Also, no STEEL structured building in the history of mankind has COLLAPSED from FIRE. If it did, it would not fall at free fall speed into it’s own footprint, it would fall to one side or the other. Now go eat some chocalate cake, and go into your sugar psychosis, FOOL.

  2. ForestdaGump

    @jimdog365 let’s define an argument Jr…….a premise and a conclusion….now good arguments have premises in which the conclusion is true or at the very least cannot be false….the evidence points to a collapse via damage caused not only by the collapse of the towers but also the fires that raged nearly all day long….so because of damage caused by the attacks tower seven collapsed….

  3. jimdog365

    @ForestdaGump I already gave you the valid argument you fat ass. Are you really that stupid? Yes you are. Now go eat yourself into oblivion you obese piece of shit.

  4. leedaomillz

    Ya I’m actually not that old, only 18, but I find it unbelievably stupid to think the government would do something like this. It’s sad to see all these kids get easily manipulated into lies like that.

  5. ForestdaGump

    @leedaomillz Awesome….now I realize that there are others who recognize common sense and understand not to listen to a couple of tweens from nowhere who claim to have the truth…..it’s a terrible thing to argue about being the loss of life, but Jesus do we need to insult those who died to prove our points???? Fuck the “truthers” and their ideas…you will continue to be refuted just as you have been in the past….go to bed children you have school tommorow lol

  6. ForestdaGump

    @leedaomillz Always nice to chat with someone who has a clear view of both common sense and also has an education…..I get angry with the “truther” stuff because they are basically taking a verbal shit on those innocents who lost their lives that day. I remember being fearful and angry that day, but I have never experienced true hatred until I came online and saw some of the shit people write about that attack on our country…they should be happy that our freedoms include freedom of speech

  7. ForestdaGump

    @leedaomillz I’m not sure as to exactly how much it would take to bring a tower down I’m not sure, but it would be a lot. I always like to ask a simple question “would you believe someone if they lied or mislead you three times in a row”. The obvious answer is no, then you point out the fact that Loose Change has been revised at least three times, including new “evidence” and excluding the hardcore proof they had which was proven to be false….it’s sad that people believe that conspiracy crap

  8. leedaomillz

    People don’t realize how many tons of tnt it would take to completely destroy the 2 towers. Over 10 tons for just one building. When i tell idiot conspiracist this they shake their heads then stick it in their asses.

  9. ForestdaGump

    @jimdog365 ohh…so no valid argument regarding the “controlled demolition”……lmao….please try again

  10. jimdog365

    @ForestdaGump Your just a stupid fatass idiot who knows nothing. Either that, or your Larry Silverstiens fuck buddy.

  11. ForestdaGump

    @jimdog365 wow how misinformed you are…..the back side of WTC 7 (the side that wasn’t filmed during the collapse) was completely fucked up from the collapse of the towers….and please realize that it did not fall like a controlled demolition but rather the collapse began on one side of the building which then resulted in the entire thing coming down….controlled demolitions are started at the base of a tower….not halfway up….keep trying you fucking idiot!!

  12. SeannyEatsWorld

    You scumbags should be hung for treason. Who the fuck do you think you are? An inside doing… how pathetic. Why don’t you all go live in Afghanistan then, with all your like-minded slime. I’ll watch them cut your fucking head off on national television. Wouldn’t that be a bitch? God bless those who lost their lives, and God bless America.

  13. jimdog365

    Wait a second, didn’t 3 buildings fall that day? Why do they keep ignoring building 7? That’s right, because it was never hit by anything, yet collapsed like a controlled demolition. Hmmm, how convienent.

  14. SupermanStronger

    You fucking retards don’t understand that the people who hijacked this country want you dead and used 911 as an excuse to do that. All of you retards look so fucking silly because you’re celebrating your demise like it’s your birthday. 911 was just an excuse to police the world and phase the UN into power while taking your freedoms away. Nobody wants to take accountability for the evidence, and it’s pathetic that they will assume the premises of the invalad and unsound claims made.

  15. Verret2011

    My Dad Was A Security Guard In The World Trade Center’s. I Am Now Thirteen & I Will Pray For Those Who Lost Their Live’s In That Day

  16. keithosupremo

    So much time and effort gone into this amazing memorial. God bless the 9/11 victims and families

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