911 Memorial NYC

Suzan4B asked:

These are photos I took using a Minolta Camera with 35 MM Film. I retook these pictures using my Digital to upload and share on YT as the 10th Year Anniversary of 911 draws near. This is how it was in my neighborhood the day after the attack. I live 2 miles from the site and it was months before the pieces of humanity and death stopped visibly circulating in the air only to be inhaled as everyone cried.


  1. Suzan4B

    @michita2006 Thank you Michita for your very true comment! Have a good Sunday and keep purring. I will surely be enjoying my kitties tomorrow!! :-)

  2. michita2006

    Great video andt tribute to comemorate the 10th year anniversary of 9/11. I guess the significance of that terrible event for people living in New York. That’s an event you will never forget. Thanks for sharing this video Dear Suzi. Have a nice sunday with your precious kitties.

  3. Suzan4B

    @cutseypoo777 yes I too remember being in the classroom with the kids when we saw it on TV happening before our eyes!!!! Nothing was ever the same. How would I ever get a train home to my area 2 miles from the Towers??? I stayed in the school till every single kid was picked up and taken home by parents! I thought I would simply go down with the ship! My school

  4. Suzan4B

    @cutseypoo777 Amen and Ido love you very much too my sis♥ Your words are comforting to all who read them.

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