1 HAARP conspiracy decoded! What or who is the target? Part 2

1 HAARP conspiracy decoded! What or who is the target? Part 2 HAARP is a very powerful WMD for the NWO I explain how water and Plate Tectonics might come into play. I hope you enjoy this video. Please share these videos about HAARP with your friends. -Pete Mixcat.com HAARP decoded part 2


  1. 67kneil

    haarp has allways scared me when i heard about it in 1999 it reminded me of the death ray that Tesla created. as far as water goes humans are 90 percent water.

  2. slxixx

    H A A R P Technology is nothing new thanks to Tesla’s research. They sold to the highest bidders all over the world, China I believe in October created a snow storm it’s the most snow they had in over 30 years due to “climate modification.”

  3. fr000tch

    Just one thing about that photo of tsunami at 2:02, this picture was not taken in Dec. 26, 2004, and not in any of the countries that were hit that day.
    The buildings reveal clearly a Chinese architecture, and as a matter of fact this picture was indeed taken in Sept. 2002 in Hangzhou, China, as one of the biggest tidal wave that occur annually there on Qiantan river. Notice the people look alike “spectators”.
    For more, Google: “estuary hangzhou tidal” or view the Youtube ghBPn3UDt9g.

  4. mixcatcom

    You got that right.. Creepy nerds; lol thats great.
    Well they will also be destroyed soon.
    All the best,

  5. CommanderUTube

    The Russians have HAARP too. Other nations are already getting into the act. We sure are aiming to destroy our planet for the fun of it. Started by mad scientists and evil politicians. I have relatives are in the nuclear industry. They are creepy nerds

  6. mixcatcom

    WOW my friend just landed there… I need to call and make sure they are OK.. Thanks for the video..
    Well, revelation talks about these things.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. FireThunderTV

    Wow, that makes ALOT of sense!
    Did you hear about the flood in the UK that happens only 1 in every 1,000 years? I bet it’s a haarp thing?

    Watch out for strange looking rainbows!

  8. mixcatcom

    1 Billion watts is hardly research. ;o)
    Im glad you enjoyed the videos.
    Have a great weekend,

  9. mixcatcom

    Lou hope your well.. Very sharp..
    Bingo, That was going to be in the next video.
    You got it.. It makes it perfect to sell the green agenda.
    Since I did these videos my Google/YT revenue dropped off to nothing! So I know im right on.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  10. goobie04

    Your so right, they want us to believe its anything but H A A R P. They even want to blame cow and pig farts for “global warming” LOL! The movie was ok, the story itself, I didnt like, but the effects of the destruction was what caught me. Umm I’d wait for the 5 dollar bootleg to come out if I were u haha jk.

  11. zsushbear

    Hi Pete.
    How are you ?
    Interesting info you have given us here as I trust your knowledge about this subject.
    I have so many questions but here is just one I need anyone to help me with –
    Global warming and the melting of the ice caps- Are they induced with the aid of Haarp ?
    If so, is it connected to their mythical “dawning of the age of aquarius ?”
    God Bless.

  12. mixcatcom

    Im positive. Please read
    United States Patent 6213639
    Low-cost x-ray radiator
    100 watts of power, x-ray for oil.. It has a couple mile range. Now imaging 1 billion watts.
    Honestly, 30,000 watts running through a system with lots of gain could do it. Its overkill even to cause an earthquake.
    Its a scary thing.
    All the best,

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