Ronald Reagan Talks About An Alien Invasion

Ronald Reagan suggests an alien presence or possible threat to human kind and the necessity for nations to get closer if it would happen...

Ronald Reagan Speech at the United Nations

Former President Reagan on the "Alien Threat?
by Robert Collins
Copyrighted © 2000

January 6, 2000

For most of the readers then President Reagan's comments on "aliens" and a possible "alien threat" made between the years 1982 to 1988 perhaps sounds quite familiar. But, to others it's quite unfamiliar or "alien" to say the least: So, for those who are unfamiliar with ex President Reagan's statements I'll shall repeat them here followed by further information of my own:

June 1982:

Following a private White House screening of Spielberg's film "E.T", the President quietly commented to Mr. Spielberg. "You know, there aren't six people in this room who know just how true that really is." Unfortunately, a press of people coming forward to congratulate him prevented Spielberg from pursuing the point further. Spielberg reportedly told this to Jamie Shandera shortly after it happened.

December 4th, 1985:

While addressing a group of high school students in Fallston Maryland..." I couldn't help but say to Gorbachev, just think how easy his task and mine might be...if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences ....between our countries....and find out once and for all that we really are all human."

September 21st, 1987:

Before the United Nations General Assembly: " In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment," said Reagan, "we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you," he went on, "is not an alien threat already among us ? What could be more alien to universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?"

May 5th, 1988:

As President Reagan leaves the White House on the way to Chicago. Talking about the importance of frankness; for a desire for peaceful solutions and wars he goes on to say..."But, I've often wondered what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer--a power from another planet." Reagan said. "Wouldn't we all of a sudden find that we didn't have any differences between us at all, we were all human beings, citizens of the world and wouldn't we come together to fight that particular threat?" The president said.


Classified (TS/SCI) Government "Alien Abduction Study" initiated in 1986 at the request of President Reagan?

I have talked at length with one of the ex government people who said he was extensively involved in this "Abduction Study" reportedly requested by President Reagan. At the time he supported this study he worked for AFOSI/PJ or the "Air Force Office of Special Investigations PJ office or "The Pajama Gang" as we call them. This is the same office that harassed the Civil Engineering (CE) person at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio and the same office which is responsible for dispensing disinformation on UFOs.

He said that "they" the government did everything it could to see if these "Abductions" were really occurring: They set up video cameras in the suspected "Abductee's" bedrooms, they extracted suspected implants and had them analyzed and they did extensive interviews. The government scientists said that all the suspected implants they had analyzed were grown by the body as far as they could tell: That the interviews with the suspected "Aductees" indicated they were fabricating their stories and that at no time did eight hours of constant video taping of suspected "Abductee's " bedrooms show anything.

Now however, I've had other discussions with another government contact and he said after we talked about the conclusions of the government study: " I wouldn't be so sure about that." Even Reagan proceeded to continue to talk about an "Alien Threat" two years after this study was reportedly initiated.......

Hint ? those "Black Helicopters" roaming around the cattle mutilation and abduction sites aren't there for nothing ?

My 1993 conclusions reached in the "New Paris" Ohio case seem to agree with what then President Reagan was alluding to and a recent 1998 book by Dave Jacobs "The Threat," "The Secret Agenda: What The Aliens Want..And How they Plan To Get It" seems to totally agree as well....I would highly recommend Jacobs' book to anyone.

Please see New Paris OH case at: New Paris OH Case 1989 to 1993



  1. Ishma

    It is a well known fact that the satanic global cult of Illuminati are pushing for a false flag alien invasion, and this has been known for well over 60 years.

    Now in an infinite universe, why the hell would anyone invade our tiny spinning poo ?.
    Only someone with the xenophobic mind set of a control freak, an illuminati member would be so paranoid and so small minded that they really think anyone would believe this and would actually try and carry out a false flag alien invasion.

    Why would anyone invade our spinning poo when we are already here, because it is also known that we live in all forms and Humanity is the form of Earth.

    Such mind sets are convinced they are more intelligent than the rest of the world when in fact they are not only stupid to unparalleled psychotic levels, but they have negative intelligence, because it takes an extra positive to create life and anything opposite to this is to go against the very force that sustains life, the very fields that retain current within a body, the very forces that reduce when you are away from the planet, Human will.

    To not even understand the basic principle of what you are and what sustains you goes beyond xenophobia and stupidity, because even devil worshipers need the positively charged fields created by a planet to live, I’m guessing even the works of Dr Emoto would be lost on them.

    And to alter the people here would be to degrade that force, and therefore degrade the fracal propergating forces that make up this part of the galaxy, because it takes ‘many colors’ to create light, so altering or removing ‘a given spectrum’ is also against the very forces those that you need to live!.

    How can such people poke fun at the retarded when the retarded have so much more Joy than they do making them understand this very basic principle to a Yoda like degree in comparason.

    And yes, people should be offended that I made that comparison because we all know deep down inside what I’m talking about when I point my finger at the likes of the NAZI party and the Illuminati, people with retardation deserve much better than to be compared to the likes of those who we can’t deem as members of the Human race.

    I think it is high time we added ‘negative’ intelligence to IQ tests so we can weed out such people.

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